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    Quote Originally Posted by Nohjo View Post
    All I can say is: wow.
    First of all, I'm really surprised at how well the game looks. Its so damn pretty.
    Second, the guardian really looks like an awesome profession to play.

    In the gamespot interview, on the final page, there is a picture with the words 'guilwars 2 will launch later this year'.. I skimmed through the article, but could not find the source.
    They're just guessing and hoping.

    Like a year and a half back, some guy from Anet said that they expected it to probably be release some time in 2011.

    Come to think of it, I think it was actually someone from NCSoft, and he also said that he thought there would be a closed beta in 2010. Chances are he knew absolutely nothing about the progress of the game.
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    Linky goodness, packed with information on the guardian:


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    Kind of want. My brain recoils a little bit, but that is mostly due to self-created blocks and logic gates to avoid whammo mentality. Which could possibly be now slightly encouraged.

    If they have a cleave and/or smiting move, I might be unable to avoid taking this class.

    Overall I thought it was interesting, and some of the various wards and walls make me think that battlefield awareness is going to be a much bigger thing than in GW1. I also really like the spirit weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shallowrain View Post
    My brain recoils a little bit, but that is mostly due to self-created blocks and logic gates to avoid whammo mentality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyy High View Post
    Thanks for the quote... I'm glad they're focused on the issue of not making this a required class. But I'm still nervous. Technically, monks aren't required in GW1 PvE but good luck convincing most groups of that.

    The vids look good. The visuals of this game are awesome.

    From that other quote, it sounds like staff combat for this class is going to be ranged, not melee. :-(

    I'd like to know more about mobility for this class since it seems positioning is going to be key. Do they get sprint type skills to quickly get in front of allies or is the onus going to be more about the other players moving behind wards/walls?
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    Nice to get a new profession, although this one has been speculated to death, so there aren't too many surprises wit hit.

    For some reason, I found it harder to understand these skill videos than most of those of the other classes (Perhaps because the physical effects and appearance of the skills aren't as obvious, or the skills themselves are more complex, or other reasons.) The explanations here are helping somewhat, although it would be nice to have the full skill statistics available in a demo to get a more full idea of what they do.

    The unique mechanic I'm not so sure of, it seems like the sort of thing where it will be obvious when activate the effects vs. use the passive abilities. It also highly resembles an "aura" idea that I'd thought of (not on the forums, though) for what the unique mechanic for the profession would be, which his kind of worrying. (Normally I'd expect game makers to come up with more interesting/unique stuff that doesn't relate to my own guesses.)

    I am definitely interested in seeing what sorts of skills are associated with each weapon. Though we did predict the weapon choices quite closely, the collection of weapons is still nice, and I like that they've kept to the pattern of diverse types of skills and roles from different weapons.

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    About not being required: plenty of classes offer their share of support. While you may choose not to take guardian (or play guardian as melee offensive), you might want some support *somewhere*. Then again, all offensive is ok if you're willing to dodge more. In GW1, dodging wasn't an option against spells... and I don't know why you'd say *healers* were not required, I'm fairly sure they "were" (even though not enforced)... it's pretty hard to play without them.

    About staff guardians: I'm excited. It means guardians are actually going to be useful at a range, in a support mode I presume. I'd hate to have a class melee-only as that's too limiting gameplay-wise.
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    Holy Bolt! Holy Bolt. I'm making a holy boltadin!

    Going to have to look more into this guy, not sure if I am going to want my main to be a Guardian or Warrior...

    me liky the sword that char has
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    Eh, I'm really not liking the sound of wards. Throwing something down so enemies can't past just sounds so.... awful. Do not want.

    And it really seems like if you want to have any chance to live, you're going to need some Guardians in your group, since they look to be focused on helping everyone not die.

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    The Wards were just taken from Elly's and given to Guardians. As most classes will have support I'm sure a Water elly will be able to pull off many of the things the Guardian will. The Guardian sounds more like a party buffer rather than damage dealering monster, that being the key difference between Warrior and Guardian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onlinewelten
    Jon: There are no ally targeted skills in Guild Wars 2.
    Jon: Yes, you can have up to three activated if you slot three spirit weapon utilities.
    Jon: These are toggle skills. Hit it once to summon, hit it again to command it. Much like necromancer minions, the weapon will target its ability based on the guardian’s own target.
    Jon: Wards affect movement only. Wards prevent normal movement through an area, but do not stop spells, projectiles, or melee attacks.
    This answers some questions.

    I doubt water ele's will have the same type of control as prottians. Prottians seem to focus on AoE movement control and protecting from incoming fire.
    Water control seems to focus on push and heal mechanics.
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