Mine Is Bigger Than Yours [eGo]
Sticks strong with the PvP focus, and offers humor and experience to the max. Another focus of the guild is a passion for armor, and top model-esque, (no jokes, you guys and girls know you LOVE armor), crazy, deranged people is what we are looking for! FA&AB is another area of love with [eGo]’ites. Requirements for this guild are rare and not especially huge. Preferably [eGo] is looking for fun, mature, and experienced members. Officers are one of our focuses, but need to be experienced and trustworthy.
- What is offered:
- Experience
- Humor
- Full Guild Hall
- American based
- Interested in becoming an [eGo]`ite?
- For more information contast "Casey Macdonald", or "Serf Katoor".