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    Calling for those with aesthetic taste: change of cape!

    We have been some time with our current cape design, and it can be good to get a new shiny one. What do you say? Post your design ideas here and let's create a poll in a week or so to vote for our cape. Please include the colour selection bars from the dying system in your screenshot so that we know how to replicate the design.

    The poll thread will be created in the private guild subforum, to restrict votes to guild members only.

    You can use image hosting sites to upload your screenshot so you can show it in your message. Here you have a couple of suggestions:

    Once you have the URL of your image and you are writing your message, click on the "Insert Image" button in the thread editing buttons and paste your URL there.
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    A week sounds good and thanks for setting this up!

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    the colors are outlined to diplay which color is which and wht the bar level is

    hope you like it :D

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    This is my suggestion. It's very simple and I quite like it :)

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    I need to get my BaR account ran around Proph before I can try to make a cape

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    Soooo.... I'm not very creative, and I think the others that have been posted are better than mine but here's my cape:

    For the levels (you could probably work it out):

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    Stupid thing not working. See it here: http://img830.imageshack.us/i/gw001mw.jpg/


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    Don't mind me... just experimenting! :)

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    SwitchDK and I were playing around and here's what we came up with. Consider it one from each of us ;)

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    as much as i'll like the change, i'm going to miss the old one ;(

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