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    Assured Mutual Destruction [ICBM] - 5 Years of GW & More to Come with GW2

    Assured Mutual Destruction – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (AMD-ICBM)
    We welcome anyone into our ranks who share the love of playing and talking about video games. We believe in fair play, equal opportunity and the love of the game. A community of gamers, friends and family is what we strive to be, which has been maintained continuously since 2007.
    We have been dedicated to Guild Wars for 5 years, and have never stopped supporting our community within the game. News, Events, Contests and conversation, keeps us playing.

    In the near future we will be expanding into a multi-game community, expansion into Guild Wars 2 and continued support for Guild Wars will be made. Also Steam and other PC games will be officially supported within the community.

    Guild Wars

    Everyday Game Play Style & Events
    PvE: Quests, Missions, Dungeons, Vanquishing, Title Hunting, Zaishen & Shining Blade quests.

    PvP: Alliance Battles, Jade Quarry, Fort Aspenwood and Zaishen Elite.

    Weekly Game Play Events
    PvE: Challenge Missions

    Elite Areas: Sorrow's Furnace, Tomb of the Primeval Kings (Tombs), Fissure of Woe (FoW), Underworld (UW),The Deep, Urgoz's Warren, Domain of Anguish (DoA)
    Note: Done with Balanced Teams. DoA we do speed clear DwG teams also, but not always.

    What We Are Looking For
    (If one of the following apply to you, then you may just fit right in.)
    1. A person who wants to be part of a community not just a guild drone. We will never force you to farm or join in on anything you don't want to.

    2. People who are activity working towards their goals and wish to achieve them.

    3. People who are coming back from a long break and wish to join a friendly, laid back guild, to have some fun.

    4. Someone who is willing to not only learn but, teach and help if they have the knowledge.

    5. If you log in monthly, weekly or everyday, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy playing the game.

    What Are The Requirements?
    1. Guild Rules
    Follow the guild rules/ member's conduct.

    2. Website: Must Make an Account First.
    To join a guild as a Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, you must first join the community of Assured Mutual Destruction by creating or having an account by means of the website “amd-icbm.com”.

    3. Voice Chat
    To participate in everyday and/or special Community Events you will need to some times use Team Speak (voice chat). You do not need to talk but, the willingness to listen to others will help the entire group complete the intended goal.
    This is not always the case, we advertise voice chat mostly during the elite areas.

    What [ICBM] Have & Offer
    1. Leadership with more than 5 years experience running a guild in Guild Wars.

    2. A fully stocked Guild Hall (All NPC's) & of course a cape.

    3. 70 plus active guild members with 80 in total (quality is always better than quantity) with 112 community members overall.

    4. A Guild website with a private forum & news section updated daily.

    5. Community VoIP Servers (voice chat), Team Speak 3.

    6. A North American based community, who welcome people from all over the world.

    7. A Luxon Faction Allegiance.

    8. Daily guild events that cover all aspects of PvE weekly. A advanced calendar system on the website to easily keep track of these events. Able to comment, subscribe and has multiple different viewing options.

    9. A group of people who are willing to play, teach, learn and just have fun.

    10. A community infrastructure that allows you to be apart of something more, than just a game.

    Guild Wars 2
    The game as not been released to the public but, we as a community look forward to playing this highly anticipated game.
    We have a temporary guild for when beta events happen, that we join in on and play together.

    Our Goal?
    We will wait and see what members enjoy the most after release of the game. For now we are about trying everything, doing anything and having a blast together.
    So to have fun at random for a little while.

    Our home server is/will be " US Worlds – Isle of Janthir ".

    Contact Information

    1. If you wish to give us a chance of being your new community of gamers, you can make a website account at http://amd-icbm.com/icbm/registration/

    2. If you wish to apply on [ICBM]'s contact form to "Join a Guild", can do so at
    (You must have a website account at amd-icbm.com to be able to qualify for a guild membership status within our community.)

    3. If you have any questions you can, Private Message me on this site/forum.

    Only guilds with insecurity issues say they're friendly, Looking for one? Join us we're friendly!
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    Link not working for me. I sent a pm only to be rebuffed with less than 10 posts elitism!

    You still recruiting?

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    Hey, Ascalonian
    Both links to the Public Forum and the Wiki Page work for me, maybe the host servers were down at the time you clicked on the link.
    We are still recruiting and always looking for people to be apart of our community. My account is set to receive Private Messages on this forum.
    If you send me a character name we can continue the process of your potential recruitment into [ICBM]. For the reason of I like to talk to people in real time to ask some questions and in turn you can ask questions.

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    I'll just get my post count up and send you a pm soon.

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    I've been getting many questions about is our guild still going since no one as posted in this tread for awhile, the answer is yes. We are still around and still going strong. In fact we have just added another guild to our Alliance to make room for people.

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    Hello, I'd really like to apply to join your guild!

    I've recently come back to the game after a long absence and am now in pursuit of a welcoming community as well as a place I can both help out and get involved, whilst hopefully finding people who won't mind helping me when I get stuck on a quest if they have free time. I've been playing WoW for 6 years in the same guild and have been back in GW for about a month. Your post sounds perfect for what I'm looking for. I'm rediscovering lots of things I missed when I used to play, but am mainly trying to experience as much as I can and unlock HOM points. I've got 8 so far, so still a way to go! :P I've completed the Cantha campaign (but not with all bonuses) but am stuck at the end of EOTN as my henchmen keep getting themselves killed. After so many years of WoW however, a change is just what I needed!

    I'm based in the UK but am active all hours and would love an invite or a chat to see if I'm the type of guy you want, and if you're the guild for me.

    many thanks

    IGN: Zephyr Windblossom

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    Bumping own post due to being made in 2011 and just edited the topic to reflect big changes we have made for preparing to support Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

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