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    @Laelgon - An invite has been sent, see you in game.

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    I've been playing Guild Wars for about 5 years now (on and off). I have a level 20 of each profession and love the game! I'm looking for an active, fun guild with a friendly atmosphere. I'm not here to mooch, show off, or be a jerk. I'm just here to have some fun! I like helping people on missions (and doing them myself!). I'm currently working towards my GWAMM title and somewhat attempting to get the rest of my HoM fleshed out for GW2!

    I was referred here by Cerulean Seal.

    My IGN is Isabelle Von Morte.
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    Isabelle and I were drawn to your shiny website filled with active players. I've played off and on since release. Didn't get the wintersday hat for the first year. It was the best hat, but alas I was a noob and stood in the wrong spot. I acted as king of a PvX guild for a few years with some of your members (ceru and jessy). I'm laidback and here to have a good time. Hope to be of some use as I'll heal anything for kicks.
    IGN: Snow Johnson
    Referral: blame Cerulean Seal

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    @Isabelle & JaimeLannisterAhh - We had two spots available, nice timing. An invite has been sent to you both. Hope to see you in game soon.

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    I have just started reading and listening to the Guild Wars coverage on Massively and have really enjoyed it. I have been playing for about 3 years and am looking for a FUN and experienced PvE guild. I am an active but laid back player who likes to help out and enjoy good times in Tyria. IGN is Grimshaw Gatlin.

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    @Forever Grim - I put you on the waiting list. As soon as a spot is available we'll send you an invite. Shouldn't be a long wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klojamir View Post
    @Forever Grim - I put you on the waiting list. As soon as a spot is available we'll send you an invite. Shouldn't be a long wait.
    Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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    @forever Grim - I tried to send an invite, but it says that your in another guild. Let me know if your still interested. We have a spot open.

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    Hey all. I have only been playing GW for ~2 years, but I have loved every day of it lol. I have a lvl 20 Dervish for a main, Dervish Curves, and a few farming alts. Looking for a fun, relaxed guild with more than 2 other ppl online at any given time. Hard to work on my HoM if I need help when there is no one online! Anyways, I would love a ginv. Thank you

    IGN Dervish Curves

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    @Dayquil - an invite has been sent, see you in game.

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