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    My friend referred me to this guild. I am new to MMORPGs. Can I get an invite to the guild?

    My character name is Marc Spencer

    Thank you

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    Tanek had graciously offered to invite my friend(above poster - marcspencer) to MVOP but I made the mistake of giving him the wrong spelling of my friend's character name(it is marc spencer, not mark spencer). I apologise for the mistake. If he could get a fresh invite whenever there is an open slot I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

    You can tell he is VERY new to the fantasy genre of the games by the character name he has selected :P

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    Invitation edited.

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    I'd like to join.

    In game I am:

    Amrytale Talasyon
    Llayne Gadhriel

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    Amrytale, you are currently in a guild, and hence an invite cannot be sent.

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    Oh! Sorry. That should be fixed now.

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    I've invited Amrytale

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    Hi MVOP,

    I would really like to become a member of your active guild. I was formerly a member of BaR but I was hoping to find a guild with more active members and it seems MVOP fit the description perfectly.

    My IGN is Death Monger Jr, Ceremonial Preacher or Panic Conundrum

    Many thanks,
    SwitchDK (aka DM)
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    Hi MVOP

    I have allready spoken to Rubi and i would also really like to become a member of your lovely guild. Im hoping to make a bunch of freinds and have tons of fun times with you all!

    My IGN is Ranever Ravenight, Sabriel The Solmn or if you want, Aoi Enishi

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    Evenin' folks.
    I don't suppose you fine lads and ladies would have room for another would you? I'm a newer player looking for an active guild and some people to make friends with when I have time. Oh the life of corrections.

    Note: Guess it would help to add that my IGN name is Brendan Stark yeah?
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