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    Hey Rubi
    Just got back into GW after a long time away and my guild has died.
    I listen to the podcast as soon as it comes out.
    Would love a spot in massively
    email me or whisper me in game.
    IGN: Divine Sword Dancer

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    @ mathenalin - Hi there, Hey and invited was sent, Hope to see you in game soon.

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    Would like to join

    Hey i would love to join MVOP!!

    My in game name is "X Chaotic God X" (no quotes) and would love to be in a wonderful active guild. Im active if a have people to play with and my internet is in a good mood. I'm a veteran player and need something to keep my interest going :)

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    @Austin Arcana - An invitation is waiting for you when your ready. Hope to see you in game soon. :)

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    Thanks good to be here :) now how do i go about getting one of those neat tag things below my name in the forums saying what guild i am in lol

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    Hi if theres space in MVOP could i get an invite ?

    in game name : Syusoath Orillian

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    I would love to join this guild. I started playing at the original release and have taken some time off, but just got EotN so I am back playing. Trying to fill up my HoM.

    Anyways, my character name is Lackofa Better Name


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    @lackofa better name - An invite has been sent.

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    Cool Request to join!~

    Hey there MVOP -- I'm not sure if there are any open slots available within the guild but I'm looking to join a new active guild for social-based fun! If it helps allow me to list my Guild Wars history(summary!):

    I've been playing for 13,000+ hours over the past 70 months -- since the birth! I currently have Mesmer/Necro/Ele/Monk/Rit/Sin/ available for all end content material (FoW t1/t2/eoe/100b/UA) DoA(mesmer/ele spikers/ / Monk UA or perma seed) UW -- Haven't speed cleared UW via DL/Dayway methods since skeles were implemented. I have however completed many buffed physical way runs. Dungeons -- Fan of all the dungeons, familiar with all the a/p spear chucking speed clear methods(kathandrax/soo) as well as balanced speed clear setups for frostmaw(a/d tank w/ you fill in the rest) and bogroots(100b spike w/ 1 running/tank sin/eoe/dual para).

    Other then that I'm up for just about anything, I'm not a speed clear freak, I'm more interested in completing zones/vanq/ab/gvg/ha whatever in a casual, social(vent!) environment. It's the main reason i'm leaving my guild of 4 years -- there just isn't anyone gaming anymore.

    Thanks in advance PM in game if you would like -- looking forward to hearing back!

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    @Nim - Hey I hope you have fun in the guild and alliance. :) Welcome

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