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    Hey MVOP

    I was directed here for a guild invite, that is if there's any open spots. I'm a complete newb and am looking for a place where i can learn the game before Guild Wars 2 comes out. If there's no room if you could direct me to where i can apply to a guild where there might be room that would be wonderful. Thank you very much for you time. oh my in game character name is Tillian Ashwisper.


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    Welcome to the guild Till.

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    Dear [MVOP],

    I'm a player from the days just after EOTN's release, who is just returned to the game to complete my hall of monuments, as well as just see some of the content I never acutally got around to doing. I haven't had a stable guild since my character's 1st birthday, so I was interested when I heard about MVOP through Guildcast.

    At any rate, if there is any space left in the guild, I wish to sign on. My character's screen name is Aurel Frostshard.


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    Jo, an invite has been sent.

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    Hi there, Just recently have come back after three years looking to meet some people and make some friends, and see the content I missed. Heard about you on the new podcast so I thought I might see if you might have a spot open, Thanks for your taking the time to check, my in game character is Noir La Morte (paragon). See ya soon I hope.

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    @Noir - I've sent you an invite, hope to see you in game soon.

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    Dear MVOP,

    I would really like to apply to this guild. Im a seasoned PvE player with a character as old as the game. There was a period of time where i didnt play but since the release of EotN ive been on very regularly. I would really like to find a nice group of people to help me out with the Guild Wars Beyond things because they are not solo friendly! Thanks you for your time and i hope to see you online.

    Your fellow Tyrian,

    Lady Rathian

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    @MonkeyPckl - I just sent you an invite, see you in game.

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    Would also like to be invited. I'm points hunting real bad and need a guild that's totally into that.

    IGN: Shylan Mynx or Shalari Nassa

    From Australia

    Player for 12 months a while back, ditched it for a while, getting back into for rewards before GW2 comes out.

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    @mrbaggins - We have a couple spots left, I sent you an invite. See you in game.

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