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    Thank you muchly. Have accepted, see you soon!

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    Hey guys, Just got back into the game after an extended leave and would like to join a strong alliance to get my feet back up off the ground. I'm and ex pvp player but I think its about time I dip my feet into the pve world. My IGN is Marawyn Kin Slayer. Hope to hear from you in game.

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    After a year without a decent pc im bk. Take me back...ill behave this time xD (Andreas the hunter)

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    @Andreas The Hunter - Glad yo hear about the pc, and invite has been sent your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klojamir View Post
    @Andreas The Hunter - Glad yo hear about the pc, and invite has been sent your way.
    Thanks for the invite. Glad to be back xD

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    Heard about you guys and have just started reading Massively. I'm looking for an experienced PvE guild to show me help me through missions as well as show me the ropes, I'm a kinda crappy Assassin. IGN is Mangekyou Master, hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi there. Looking for a good SG to help me on my ever slow trek to 30 points in my HOM. Played since the beginning but I had fun just, playing the game. Making dyes, making guilds, buying useless fluff items. Overall just having fun.

    Now I got HOM to worry about for GW2 and I really want them balth gauntlets >.< Why did I spend all my faction unlocking every skill for necro and dervish! Why!?!

    IGN: Zasalamel Noob


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    Heya, massively reader here. Just trying Guild Wars for the first time, gonna try to get some HoM done before GW2. Whenever a free spot opens I'd love to join

    IGN: Sabien Marcellus

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    @gordunk - an invite has been sent, see you in game soon.

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    I was in MVOP previously but took a break for a few months and was kicked for being inactive. I'm about to start playing again so if there's room I'd like to rejoin. :)

    IGN: Eamil Nedrane

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