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    Sheeps balls or Pig intestines (for dinner)?

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    Did you know (according to an allergy conference thing) white rice, along with pears and lamb are the only known foods with no known allergies.

    Omnomnom... pig intestines (the first bite of balls would be horrible).

    Bungee jumping or sky diving? (I think that's been asked before)

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    Bungee Jumping, in case something goes wrong, you'll die sooner;-)

    Public Transportation or a car (same distance, same time (roughly))

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    In the situation described - public transportation of course!

    It's Easter time!

    Would you like a:

    chocolate covered peep or

    creme egg?

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    Cream egg! So ridiculously good. Although my law school had a Peep diorama contest. (Hey, we gotta blow off steam somehow... why not by posing marshmallow animals in weird environments?)

    Camelot on STARZ or Game of Thrones on HBO?
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    OOOOH Rinoa!

    Watching Camelot as we do not have HBO atm (but since I read that Game of Thrones series, I'd like to see what they do with it).

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    Austraila or New Zealand?

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    New Zealand. Looks so pretty there!

    Fruit or fruit snacks?

    P.S. Watched about 4 episodes of Camelot so far... it is awesome! I only saw the first episode of Game of Thrones, and it was very dramatic.
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    (French) Fries or baked potatoes?

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    Mmm, baked potatoes!

    Sandals with socks or sandals without socks?

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    Sandals sans socks... I don't understand socks and sandals.

    Early night or one more vq?

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