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    The planet models in Nahpui Quarter

    Do we know what these are? It's seems obvious they have something to do with the "closer to the stars", maybe the celestial creatures in the mission. If so, can we assume Tyria is one of these planets or moons? If that is true, there are four or five other planets in the solar system and a dozen or so moons (does something live/hail from them, like the builders of the Eye, humans, the Gods, the Seers?)

    Assuming they got the gravity right in motion (obviously not scale) it's certainly a complicated, chaotic system, like something out of Firefly.

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    I don't think those are planets. I think they're meant to represent the constellations - as such, they'd be rotating stars.

    Main reason for not being planets is that GW2 has an Orrery and that's much different.

    In some of the GW2 demos, we can even see (and hear) it rotating. I think Tyria would be the completed one with the single moon just above and to the left a smidget from the center of the image.

    We also have concept art of it:

    Comparing those to:

    They're MUCH different design. Not to mention that Nahpui is more about stars and constellations than about planets.

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    The thing is, they look like planets. They have rings like Uranus or Saturn. I suppose the obvious explanation of that is that Tyrians don't the slightest damn idea what space (or whatever is beyond Tyria) looks like. I can't think of any indication they have telescope technology. The Astralarium in Elona claims to be the center of astronomy and astrology for that entire continent and all they've got are some stone pedestals.

    Another interesting thing is that constellations don't move in relation to each other at all, and the models move wildly. Planets wander all over the place. They may very well think the that these planets with visible rings are actually stars, just as early Earth humans were confused by them. That also ties in with the idea that in the GW world, these things are ... demigods? or something, much like Earth humans regarded planets as gods.

    Edit: Another thing, neither stars nor terrestrial planets have rings unless they're brand spanking new.
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    To recap:

    • The models in Nahpui don't represent stars; stars don't move (other than in unison from Tyria spinning).
    • At some point in the future, someone else made a model of planets (I presume those screenshots are from Kryta?)
    • The models look like planets, but all four planets are represented as gas giants with debris rings.

    One possibility is that Canthans do have telescope technology (it is definitely in line with the level of technology we see in Tyria). They may have spied 3 other gas giants in their solar system and assumed that's what planets look like. They may not realize they're most likely on a small rocky planet with no rings.

    If they misrepresented themselves as one of the gas giants, they would most likely be the first one closest to the star, which more or less fits in with Konig's guess of where Tyria is in the orrery. It could also be that what I thought was a sun in the center of the model is actually Tyria. That fits in with the early Geocentric models Earth humans came up with.

    It is possible that Tyria is a moon, but unlikely. There are no gas giants in the Tyrian sky. There is one body that looks like Earth's moon. It could either be a sister planet orbiting Tyria and vice versa, or Tyria could be an abnormally giant moon compared to it's rocky planet, much like Earth and Luna. Neither of these possibilities are represented in the Canthan model.

    One final possibility is that Tyria is a moon orbiting a gas giant in such a way that our adventurers never face the planet, for example if the South Pole were locked towards the planet and our adventurers lived in the northern hemisphere (which it 'feels' like we do since there is a lot of snow up north.) The moon in the Tyrian sky would either be a separate moon of the gas giant, or a moon orbiting the moon of Tyria.

    What I think is most likely is that the Canthans made a crude model. The one the Krytans made I think will tell us more about Tyria's solar system. But it seems certain that there are other planets near Tyria, and given the proclivity for life on Tyria, it's not out of the question something is on those planets, or came to Tyria from them.

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