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Thread: GWO game night?

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    IM Take care of the family its way more important...

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    Aurora Glade

    GWOnline [GWO]

    Imperial Mage, my best wishes for your mother's recovery!

    I'm usually on between 19:00 and 21:00 GMT anywas on those days, unless I'm busy with something else... I'm all up for joining in some fun!!
    Jersey Cuthalion - "Strongbow" | Jersey Lorinthol - "Golden-Helm" | Jersey Elentirion - "Stargazer"
    Jersiel Aenil Estel - "Angel of Hope" | Jersiel Cuthalion - "Strongbow"
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    Great idea Thorsrath, I'd love to play with some guildies and help out. I would love to do the high end content too!

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