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    Arrow Thief: Reveal vs. Expectation & Comments

    this just in


    What's weird is that there is no official announcement on the gw2 website or any info anywhere else. It seems legit though as it's definitely one of the arenanet devs talking. The profession seems like all I would ever want out of a assassin type profession, what do you guys think?

    (There's also some videos showing off the guardian in the Norn starting area and some other stuff)
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    ahhh maaa gaaaaaadd. thank youuu!!!

    legit indeed!

    Try to include "GDC 2011 Gameplay Coverage" somewhere to make it more legit looking [=
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    Super confirmation there Senatic! Takes a while for it all to load here but I've seen it all now. Stealing weapons (especially feathers) does seems like a weird sort of mesmer attack - but I think this is the assassin profession redone.

    Stealth looks great - be looking forward to putting that into practise.

    1 key changes weapons and 1st 5 skills - looks great when you see it in action!

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    machine gun pistol ftw.

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    So that's what happened to our asassin class. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Van Der Sloot View Post
    So that's what happened to our asassin class. :P
    So, from a sneaky person who steal lives to a sneaky person who steals valuables
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    Hi Mister Unofficial Leak.

    Boo to shadowstep and stealth.
    Yay to thievery.
    Huh to initiation. No idea how the 'other form of energy' actually works.

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    First couple of sentences make me want to roll thief

    position dependant (for both damage and survival it sounds like)

    Initiative energy system for burst is nice (mmm I think I've seen a bar of little diamonds that slowly refill before somewhere)

    Stealth is cool for world PvP, if implemented right.

    I hope they don't make it too much like aion 'sin though, mostly I'd want more freedom of movement, more responsive controls and more fluid combat. (not 0.5s delay after every action, but that could be because of the player in the video)

    Also nice, playing for karma instead of for that one unique item with 0.001 chance of dropping.
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    Dii, TRUE


    lol Sarah's not very good at playing Thief, huh?

    Can I play yet?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringsgold View Post
    Initiative energy system for burst is nice (mmm I think I've seen a bar of little diamonds that slowly refill before somewhere)
    Looks a lot like soul shards for assassins in Age of Conan.

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