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    From the look of the skills...no melee staff combat once again? I think it made sense in the original GW, but the Guardian seems up close and personal enough that they could have re-thought this. I'll try not to be too disappointed, but I've yet to see fun, two-handed staff combat in a decent MMO, and this saddens me greatly.

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    Well, he needs some ranged options, but bows and guns just aren't very guardian-y.

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    Summoning a holy bow-like weapon with a weapon spell might be...
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    He needs a decent guardian-y ranged weapon (not summoned). Scepter works. Guns not so much... Though I would have loved to see bows.

    Yes, a bow shooting JEEBUS BEAMS! pew pew pew
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    But the HOLY BOLT!! from the scepter is more fun than JEEBUS BEAMS!

    When they make a good melee staff weapon the first thing I will want to do is put a poleaxe head on that staff and make it a real weapon. It just becomes another pandora's box to open. I wouldn't mind it some time as I'd rather my Warrior was running around with a Poleaxe in full plate than a sword and shield in full plate.

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    Wow nice information, thanks :)

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