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    Norn Ranger

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    GWOnline.Net Member GrimShade's Avatar

    Human Warrior
    Human Mesmer
    Norn Ranger
    Plant Thief
    Norn Guardian
    Plant Elly

    Hereís my last thoughts from last AprilÖI donít seem to change too much, but I guess Iím moving away from Humans as muchÖMaybe I will make a Charr, but Iím really not sure I can accept a bunny.
    Quote Originally Posted by GrimShade View Post
    Male Human Warrior
    Lady Human Mesmer
    Not a Lady Human Thief
    Ambigous Human Guardian
    Dude Norn Ranger
    Ginoecius Sylvari Elly
    Dioecius Sylvari Necy
    PvP slot!

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    Sylvari Guardian
    Human Mesmer
    Norn Ranger
    (I'm not sure will I make Thief now or wait for expansions lol)

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    Aurora Glade[EU]

    Lore School[GWen]

    Norn Ranger
    Human Engineer

    I know I'm gonna make them both in the first day.
    Then later probably
    Charr Mesmer
    Asuran Guardian
    Sylvari Elementalist

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    GWOnline.Net Member Findariel's Avatar

    I'll probably start with a Sylvari mesmer
    2nd will be a human elementalist .. I think ..

    What race I'll pick for the majority of my characters will depend on the available looks/feel and customisation options.
    Most probably I won't make any Charr or Asuran characters.

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    so far the 1st will be Human Guardian

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    Norn Guardian (Proverbial wall)
    Sylvari Elementalist (Heh plant using fire)
    Asura Engineer (Just cute.
    Human Warrior (Iconic and well rounded)
    Norn Mesmer (I like the thought of using the elite skill to turn into a were-animal then using the abilities traits and utility skills to make an army of clone animals)

    Kitties with horns and 4 ears never interested me. :/
    The lack of any interest in sylvari warriors and low charr mesmers are interesting. For some reason I always think humans would have a higher non-magic using spread though, like mostly warriors, thieves, rangers and engineers.
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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    Quote Originally Posted by Jez View Post
    The lack of any interest in sylvari warriors and low charr mesmers are interesting.
    I'd have both of those probably except:

    1) I picked guardian instead of warrior, hence sylvari guardian
    2) I picked norn instead of charr for mesmer, but it was a close call
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    GWOnline.Net Member Irakaz's Avatar

    Charr Warrior
    Sylvari Mesmer
    Human Necromancer

    Basically one character for each of the orders

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    The Order Of Dii

    Norn or human warrior
    human thief

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