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    Charr Guardian

    Chardian ftw.

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    1. Sylvari necro
    2. Charr guardian
    3. Human alchemist/gunner (I really don't think it's going to be an engineer, but regardless of what it is, I'm making it human)
    4. Sylvari ranger
    5. Norn ele
    6. Asuran thief

    I might make a warrior and mesmer at some point, but we'll see how things play out.
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    Since I know nothing about the Sylvari yet, those are excluded from th ecurrent list. This is the most likely combo on the released stuff and that I don't want to start with more than 4 characters:

    Sylvari Ele
    Norn Guardian
    Charr Ranger
    Asuran Thief
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    Norn Thief (Stealth, who needs stealth? )
    Asura Warrior (Watch your kneecaps!)
    Human Necro (the only non-absurd combo so far)

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    Male Sylvari Necromancer

    Female Sylvari Elementalist

    Female Asura Mesmer

    Male Charr Engineer

    Male Human Thief

    Female Norn Ranger

    Male Norn Warrior

    Female Human Guardian

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    Human necromancer or guardian.

    Sylvari spellcaster (don't know which of the three yet).

    Charr engineer.

    I probably won't play as a Norn, and I'm definitely not going to make an Asura. I'm also definitely not going to make a ranger or a thief, and probably won't make a warrior.


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    Male Human Warrior
    Lady Human Mesmer
    Not a Lady Human Thief
    Ambigous Human Guardian
    Dude Norn Ranger
    Ginoecius Sylvari Elly
    Dioecius Sylvari Necy
    PvP slot!
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    In particular order (possibly):

    Norn Guardian (possibly Asura for lulz)
    Sylvari/Asura Necro
    Sylvari Ranger
    Asura Engineer(?)
    Sylvari Elementalist
    Human Mesmer(?)
    Sylvari Thief
    Norn Warrior (also maybe Asura for lulz)

    I used to not like Asurans(?) as much, but now I think they'll be pretty sweet. An Asura Guardian just sounds like fun. I'm also partial to Sylvari, if you couldn't tell.

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    Compiled all the new data, thanks.

    --- some observations so far ---

    Fewer monster races were picked (i.e. Asura / Charr), humans preferred with Norn / Sylvari tied second.

    Some biases exist for armor classes:
    Asura is 40% medium, 47% light
    Charr is 50% medium, 37% heavy
    Human is 43% light, 33% heavy
    Norn is 50% medium, 42% heavy
    Sylvari is 60% light, 24% medium
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    Human elementalist
    Human warrior
    Charr ninja (well ok,it's called "thief").

    Possibly some kind of sylvari, maybe not.

    Not interested in norn (that may change) and asura.

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