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    Account Hacked :(

    After not playing Guildwars a while i return only to not be let into my account saying my password was wrong, logged onto my master account and changed it but it turns out my account was hacked by gold sellers and was blocked does anyone in the guild know if my account has been acting suspiciously?

    Don't know how on earth i was hacked, but scared thinking that my computer has something on it now, been continuously scanning all day but nothing!Waiting for anet to get back to me and reactivate my account

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    Update: just got my account back and seems to have been cleared, everything gone all characters are naked and ive noticed im not even in the guild anymore!never thought this would happen

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    I'm so sorry Hex Flex!

    If you read back in some of the forum posts, you'll see that you are not alone in such a violation. Of course I know that is small comfort.

    Please know that we all are supportive. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    I was looking back over the rosters, and I cannot find your IGN attached to this forum name. If you'll remind us of that, we can send you a re-invitation back to the guild.

    Again, we are definitely understanding of what happened to you.


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    Hey Hex, Sorry to hear you got hacked, look me up in game and i got something for you, im usually on pretty late though as im working alot these days.

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    Hex, I am so sorry to hear about what happened.

    I believe the IGN is the recent one left our guild - look it up on the guild status window.

    Hex, of course you're more than welcome to come back to our guild. Hope you changed your password and all of that.

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    Sorry to hear that Hex. I got some stuff to help you get back on your feet, just give me message.

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    Thanks for the support guys, my IGN is Hexer Flexer. Ive changed all my passwords on all guildwars related accounts and am running scans to make sure theres nothing malicious at work. I think it may have spread from my sisters pc getting infected a while back, i got it sorted and thought nothing of it but this was the pc i used to have my guildwars account under. I'm hoping it won't happen again. Ill just have to play with my assassin to try and build a few coin up, its the only one left with clothes!They've even deleted my paragon and made a pvp assassin, whoever done it must have been playing it.
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    I am sorry to hear that, I hope you recover soon. I have re-invited you to the guild, you should be able to join next time you log in.

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    It is great to have you back Hex and I certainly feel sorry for you. Whisp me ingame and I will be happy to help you back on your feet. We can't have you running around naked.

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    Unfortunately you haven't been the only one, dozens (probably a lot more) have been hacked in the past (same thing happened to me). But we'll get you going again, no worries!

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