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    character stuck in LA

    i logged in as a character already in LA, but it got stuck at the loading screen.... after a few minutes, i got code:007....

    i tried logging in as another character in rata sum and managed to get in..
    so i switched back to the first character, still got 007....

    is there some alien invasion going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mocax View Post
    is there some alien invasion going on?
    Quiet, human! You weren't supposed to know about that.

    As for fixing your connection problem, have you tried emailing support about it? This may unfortunately be the best solution.
    Also, try bringing another character to LA. Do you get the same problem? I would say try pinging the server from an LA district, but as far as I know, ANet (wisely) blocks all ping attempts.
    I don't know much (read: anything) about game structure, networking, etc., but I'd guess that there may be a chance that your character file was "lost" somewhere on the transfer from some location to LA (or vice-versa). If this is true, the character might be lost. Again, however, I don't know; that's a question for ANet

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    Tried changing to a different district on a character that does get through, then relogging on the stuck one (Say from English to International or America etc)?

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