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    How/where/what do you farm for EXP for your OLD Character for the New Survivor Title

    As the title asked it,

    Yes, I have more than 5K hours gaming time in GW for the past Six (6) years and my "Main Character" My Ranger have't got this title yet.

    I was wondering... and I am seeking friendly and productive advises in how did you (all you "GW OLD Timers" who also did not have this Survivor Title on your "OLDEST Character) get or have gotten this title..

    I played through some Missions/Quest.. but Monster/Enemies give Zero (0) EXP for me...

    It would be very much appreciated to hear advises on how/where/what did you farm to achieve this Title...

    Thank you in Advance to those who would share and would give Light to this topic.

    Again Thank you for reading.

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    I'm not into farming... My new mesmer died at r2, and I figured I'd give it a try with the new way... but I'm neither in a rush nor really needing this...

    I think the best way to do this is with books. Just accumulate them until you can turn them all in to get the title. The advantage is that if you die again, you won't lose the XP from books. It's also more fun than farms.

    I'll be sticking with normal-mode books, which gives me enough to do hopefully. Tutorial areas however are just not worth it. Anything before Ascension in Prophecies, or anything on the islands in the other 2 campaigns... are not meant for level 20 characters.

    If you're more farm-oriented, why not combo it with Kurzick or Luxon? Books would be one way, but if you're comfortable with HM, a vanq would work too. After you learn it and optimize it, chances of dying should be minimal.

    I would stay away from solo farms... one bad DC and you have to start over.
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    I was working on it by killing the Wurms outside Boreal Station in HM using some cheap scrolls. It's boring as hell but pretty much foolproof. Drop Spirits, move to other place. Drop more spirits. Repeat.

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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]

    I did a combination of:

    FoW fullruns in 7 hero teams (NM). Quite safe, with the added bonus of the occasional shard drop. NN for scrolls here, since the majority of the exp is from the quests.

    Boxing (HM), with whatever scrolls I had saved up (used the big scrolls first). Very fast, and super safe (if you are not being stupid about not getting up in time or have a really bad connection). A little boring though.

    A little bit of Boreal wurms (HM) just to check it out. Even safer than boxing, but also even more boring (and not quite as fast).

    Also did a few Z-challenges in NM (the main exp is from the quest reward anyway) and a couple of z-vanquishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lensor View Post

    10 chars

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    If I'll ever take the time, I'll probably do the daily vanquishes (if it's not too difficult an area), and daily z-missions. My necro finished Prophecies (partly done), Factions (hardly started) and Nightfall (somewhere at the end) in NM, without too much problems. I also did some vanquishes, mostly during the double SS/LB weekend. Naturally, he also had the luck that I still needed elites on him. But as he still has most of my attention, Rhonwyn will have to wait a bit.

    And if killing foes doesn't give you any XP, move to higher level area...
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    I started by just playing normally, filled a NM book.

    She then died when I finally got around to do Jennur's Horde NM to complete the protector titles, so the title track started all over again. It was no big loss though.

    I then moved into EotN for the first time in that character's life and did some missions and quests and stuff. I originally had planned to do the title by just NM books, but that's an insane amount of NM books you're looking at.

    So, around 80k XP, I went to Dwarven Boxing and FoW. I'll continue doing this until I am at ~1mio XP, then I will capture most of the missing elite skills and turn in the book.

    FoW is really easy for those 118k XP/run, but takes a while.

    Dwarven Boxing HM becomes easier the more you do it (might also be related to your current hormone levels during your monthly cycle though... :P ), and if you map "use skill #8 on something like the whole Insert/Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDown block, it becomes quite safe.

    Books... there's just too many NM books that you would need. I don't fancy the idea of having to repeat for instance NM Factions about 30 times for this. If you opt for doing it with HM books, you risk losing any survival progress you've made while filling your books. No biggie again, since you can just fill in so many books that they cover the entire 1.3mio XP; but I find this too dissonant for myself.

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    Thanks for the most productive and friendly replies.

    BOOKS is one of the best choices I think. (For me)

    I really had already forgotten it all along

    You turn it in to cash in the EXP.. you can also keep all the EXP

    in a "Safe" way in case I died accidentally.

    but I think I would have to open up a Book Store to keep all those books

    Thanks again...

    As I mentioned, I have 5K + in game playing time...

    took a looooong vacation like... 1 year untill the New Survivor Title.

    I really forgot How much EXP per book in EoTN completed gives.. so that I can compute... and have an I dea how many books I'm looking at..

    Thanks AGAIN !

    Been doing the Boreal Worm last night.
    396XP/Worm. Boring it would be.. soon..

    I'll be doing the YHoT for a change tonight.. doing mission seems more fun than the "Monochromatic" nature of Farming Worms.. (I got too further down the road.. then 5 Level 30 Pinesouls came after me that made me run and scream like hell in fear of dying... and losing 40+K EXP.. LOLZ.)

    IMO.. Doing books in EotN is more hazardous to my Main's life.

    PS. Fun thing about Survivor title.. is that.. trying NOT to get killed again is FUN.

    Thanks for the nice inputs again.. Well, I just found a NEW fun out in the Midst of being bored waiting for GW2.

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    Gunnar's Hold

    [LLS] [OX] [GRIF]

    Young Heroes of Tyria books. The earlier missions in the three campaigns are all fairly easy, even in HM. The XP that you get from killing mobs helps too, due to you getting good XP from being in a small party in HM. If you remember that you don't have to do the bonuses, it speeds it up a bit more.

    I was filling these books for my Luxon title anyways (6.5 million done, still a ways to go to max that) so it's not like I am doing anything I wasn't already doing.

    If you want to max the XP that you get from them and are not wanting or needing Luxon/Kurzick/Sunspear/Lightbringer points, turn them in to Gordon Ecker in Lion's Arch for pure XP and get more gold for them as a bonus.

    Edit: The Maths

    Using YHoT books alone, even if you died and didn't gain a single XP point from kills, if you filled 20 of them before turning them in to Gordon Ecker, starting from 0 XP, you would get 1,350,000 XP, and 135K gold as a nice bonus.

    If you turn them in for Luxon/Kurzick points, you would need 30 books for the same amount of XP and gold, but would also get 2,700,000 points to the faction title of your choice.

    If you turn them in for Sunspear/Lightbringer points, you would also need 30 books, get the same XP and gold, and get 13500 points towards one of those titles (or, easily max both titles with points to spare).
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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    NM books are worth:

    Prophecies 80k xp
    Factions 40k xp
    Nightfall 60k xp
    EotN 40k xp
    Dungeons 80k xp
    Total 300k xp
    Average 60k xp

    50% more in HM

    So about 22 nm books to spike survivor if you just died. Less if you survive while doing them.


    Also, I heard there's a hammer or something you can buy to complete a repeatable quest without doing it... I never looked into it though, so I can't give you details, but afaik it's a safe way to buy XP if you're loaded with cash.
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