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Thread: The pet thread.

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    A dead one (SF)


    The pet thread.

    I thought I'd make a thread where we can post pics of our critters. ok, so it was mainly to show off my new puppy...

    My 7 week old Shiba Inu, named Kenta.

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    Jade Quarry

    Awww, so cute! IMO Shibas are the cutest doggie species.

    I had a parakeet once, a sea-blue girl with round yellow head. She was by 5th birthday present, if I remember correctly. She was cute when she was a baby, but she grew up to be a feisty, cranky little thing. But we still loved her, and I still remember picking some chickweed blossoms home on the way from school for her to peck on. It was only few years later though that I moved to the US and had to leave her with my grandparents. Last time I got to see her was few years after I moved when I visited my grandparents.

    It was also around that time that she was entrusted to my aunt, who had a few parakeets of her own. Usually, when a parakeet is introduced to a group of other parakeets, they get bullied. Apparently, she didn't let anyone give troubles and was acting like she was their leader or something. She ended up reaching the age of 12, a pretty long life for a parakeet (about 96 human years).

    This is approximately what she looked like (put in spoiler to avoid people confusing him as my bird when he's not)


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    No pics yet, but several of my 6 chickens learned to fly last night. At first my son said, "Dad! One of the chickens jumped up near the microwave!" (about 4'). I thought that one of the more adventurous ones must have managed to do a First-Person-Shooter type hop off of a couple of objects, but later my wife noticed that several were managing to get several feet off the ground and would be quite able to move horizontally enough to get "outside the box".

    We've covered their box with netting for the moment. I don't really want to clip their wings; they are barely growing their feathers.

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    This thread needs life.

    Specifically: puppies!
    These are my girls, Dawn and Eve. Ignore the captions on the baby pics; those were from the breeder, we renamed them when we got them at 8 weeks.

    I have many more, but not on this comp.

    For the curious: they're long haired mini dachshunds. They're not going to get much bigger than they are. Dawn is a shaded English cream, which isn't a common color for a dachshund, and Eve is black + cream. They're also sisters, if that wasn't clear. They're about 8 months old now (I think they were about 6 months when the top photo was taken).

    Oh yeah, I love Shibas, saw one for the first time a few months ago and it was adorable.
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    I have one of these:

    I called him Michelangelo but seeing how he's grown, I suspect it's actually a girl turtle. I've had her for almost 18 years now.


    Cute huh

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    I don't have any pets right now, but I thought I'd share some photos from one of my favourite sites.

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    This is my dog, he is cute.


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    Is that a German Pinscher?
    I'm terrified of German Pinschers. True story.

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    Nope, he's a miniature Pinscher.

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