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    Love it, probably up there with Ranger and Thief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feannag View Post
    Think there'll be a turretless option?
    Petition for turretless engineer opti...

    (don't hit me Auntie, it was a joke!)

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    Reactions, as I read through the material:
    (On seeing official release): Wut?
    (On reading class description): Okay....this could work.
    (On reading about the various kits): I have literally no idea how this works.
    (On watching Jump Shot): WTF just happened?
    (On watching Spl...I mean, Glue Shot): ...yeah, no one's gonna make a joke about that.
    (On watching Grenade Belt): Heh, ok, this looks fun.
    (On reading weapon sets): ...wow, really? 3 potential combinations total, two of which share 3 skills? Kits better be frickin amazing, and limited to only carrying one at a time, or every bloody engineer is going to be the same.

    So....are all of the kits and turrets utility skills? Cause if they are, this profession has a lot less customization than any other. Yeah, eles get only one skill set at a time, but they have more options for weapons and their profession-specific mechanic gives them double the normal skills that anyone else has without sacrificing their utilities. If kits are supposed to replace the second weapon set, fine, but they should do so without taking up all of the utility slots. Also, the fact that they're utilities makes me worry about their recharges; utilities are generally long-recharging, right? So does that mean we're going to be stuck with our main weapon sets most of the time? A measly 3 combinations?

    I'd prefer if you equipped kits like weapons, in special slots, and you could swap to them like you swap weapon sets on a different profession.

    I hope there's a trait that makes all your mines and bombs cloak. For teh lulz.

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    Kinda confusing at first, but seems awesome overall. The potential for strategy/tacticalness with this class is pretty sweet. Definitely up there with Guardian for me.

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    This is what the WAR engineer should have been like. Looks like it might take a while to get the hang of but in the hands of an expert a lone engineer on the WvW battlefield will be something to watch out for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucis View Post
    This better not encourage camping gameplay. Ir eally hope they are different to TF2 turrets - I always found sentry duty so boring in that game.

    Flamethrower sound a lot like Pyro as well. Airblasting projectiles is one of the few skills left in TF2 that are worth something though.

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    i did made the suggestion about an engineer years ago, it was on the GW1 suggestion forum so i can't get it back.
    still, really happy they looked the idea up and played with the suggestion, gonna play it even with the gun problem.
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    Forget the Engineer, I am impressed by the mobs and the environment shown in the video - the amount of detail is amazing. Of course I loved the Engineer game-play too :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malhavoc Adhamar View Post
    Looks like it might take a while to get the hang of but in the hands of an expert a lone engineer on the WvW battlefield will be something to watch out for.
    This is exactly why this class is interesting to me.

    Also, idk if anyone has posted this in this thread or elsewhere, but this is the link to the engineer interview at wartower.

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    Looks quite interesting.

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