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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyy High View Post
    If kits are supposed to replace the second weapon set, fine, but they should do so without taking up all of the utility slots.
    Not only do you have five weapon skills based on your weapon, you can get five totally new skills on your weapon bar by clicking one of the utility skills. When other professions(except Ele) can use five weapon skills for each of the two weapons + five utility skills(total 15), an Engineer can use five weapon skills + five skills for each utility skill(30?).

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyy High View Post
    Also, the fact that they're utilities makes me worry about their recharges; utilities are generally long-recharging, right? So does that mean we're going to be stuck with our main weapon sets most of the time? A measly 3 combinations?
    The skills continue to recharge when you swap to a different kit. From the Wartower.de interview:

    The cool-down of the abilities on the kits happen regardless of whether or not the kit is active. So this will going to give you a lot of versatility. It's basically the same as weapon swapping. When you swap away from a weapon the skills on it are still recharging.
    So what the Engineers do is: switch to the mine kit, throw out their mines, lay out a defensive area, and then pull out their rifle again and start firing. And then, when they are ready, they don't have to switch back to the mine kit to detonate them. They can - if they want to detonate them individually. But they have always the tool belt at hand to detonate all the mines.

    All the kits have skills like this. So for instance from the med kit, you actually get your self heal up in the tool belt. And for the grenade kit there is a grenade barrage that comes out of the tool belt. So just because you chose to take the grenade kit, we didn't want you to feel that you always have to be in it to get some of the benefits from it. And that's what the tool belt does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyy High View Post
    (On watching Jump Shot): WTF just happened?
    It's like rocket jumping in Quake 3. Basically you point your rocket launcher straight down and jump just as you fire. If you time it just right, the explosion then flings you through the air. Jump Shot looks pretty much the same, but without the chance of blasting yourself into bloody chunks if you mistime it.
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    Am I wrong or does the video of the turet skill imply the turret only fires when the controlling Engineer also attacks? I've watched it a few times and the only time the turret seems to fire is right after the Engineer does....maybe I'm trippin'

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    Ok I'll throw in on the dissapointed side of this. I thought the Commando was a joke, but I guess they just tinker with the outfit a bit and give us the engineer...

    Well this makes one class I won't waste my time on. And really leaving the Mez for last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherGrimm View Post
    Am I wrong or does the video of the turet skill imply the turret only fires when the controlling Engineer also attacks? I've watched it a few times and the only time the turret seems to fire is right after the Engineer does....maybe I'm trippin'
    Turret is firing constantly in the first part of the video(4 shots compared to 2 from Engineer's rifle). PC Gamer says:
    The Thumper Turret does constant AOE damage, but can be overcharged to do a sudden massive attack that also knocks down all surrounding enemies.

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    Dii, TRUE

    I'm actually a bit taken aback by the amount of surprise at this class. We all knew it was coming. Sure, some of the abilities aren't what we expected, but we all knew a gun-slinging profession was coming and most people were already calling it an engineer.

    Can I make one non-engineer-related piece of feedback that's, honestly, a bit whiny? I'm worried about the sound. I know they've address voice feedback already, but these videos are always so LOUD. And the explosions / combat sounds are much louder than the music or voices. Hoping that gets optimized.

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    This is the first game I have ever seen where every class has interested me equally.


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    Yeah- I have no clue what I want to main...

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    1. I am a little surprised by the Engineer choice (over the anticipated Mesmer)
    2. Again, my intuition was good at calling them Engineers for a while (like I did with Guardians after the first book came out).
    3. Skill example videos are jumpy for me...skipping frames etc.
    4. I didn't like the Goblin "steam punk" weapons in Dungeon Siege and I doubt I will like them in GW2
    5. For a game that seems to focus so much on moving around the battlefield, the Engineer seems to encourage standing still or camp around your turrets and grenade/elixir effects.
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    A gun slinging trap laying character doesn’t bother me much, or basically a tech version of our current trapper ranger, it’s how it’s done. We moved from a time of iron, and magic to a time of oil based glue, complex explosives, flame thrower fuel, need for circuitry as the land mine shows. The jump in tech I can take, a jump to flintlocks, clockwork pistols, primitive explosive traps, ‘Greek fire’, all that I can work with, but turrets, and land mines that seem to be past the Vietnam era mine go too far for me.

    I’d say give it a little more steampunk rather than Commando.

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