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    Quote Originally Posted by sorudo View Post
    i just hope the engineer doesn't get the assassin treatment. (ignored by groups, seen as noobs without knowing the player playing it.)
    The beauty of this game; even if they do it doesn't matter, you are in their party anyway ! (though dungeons, you will need to go with friends )


    Well, interesting class. I do like the Steam-punk vibe to them, hmmm... I might have to play one for being a turret nut. The skills shown are interesting. The Glue gun, no comment. The grenades on the rats, was amusing (good dialogues btw Anet). I liked absorb shot.. Jump shot reminds me of the game... Overall, interesting for now, I'll have to wait to see more game play footage to get a better feel for this quirky class for now.

    On a side note, I smirked seeing most of the "steam-punk" settings used were in Charr lands for the skill videos (even for Norn, Human engineers).

    I am kind of surprised they didn't show an Asuran Engineer.

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    This bit from the wartower interview makes me happier:
    DeBussy: How long can I use such a kit? Do I switch freely between them, or can the provided weapon-skills only be used once - and then the skills automaticaly reset to my normal weapon?

    Jon Peters: You toggle them, and then that is just the weapon set you are using until you decide that you are done using it. They are balanced around the idea that you switch them situationally. Some of them have different pacing to them. So for instance the med kit: you drop a lot of med packs on the ground and if you just send them all out quickly then you are left with not much to do. And so you can switch back and start doing more offensive things.

    For example with the grenade kit. The regular grenade throw has no recharge on it and the other grenade throws are pretty low on their recharge as well. So if you want, you could just be a grenade engineer. I have people seen do this - just running around throwing grenades. And that's just what they want to do. And they rarely switch back to their rifles and pistols.

    One other thing about the kits - and what also applies to some of the other utility skills: The Engineer has a tool belt. These are his special F1 to F4 skills located above the normal skillbar. Any of the backpack kits have a skill that you automatically get on you tool belt when you put them on your bar. The best example is the mine kit. If you put a mine kit on your bar and you activate it skills 1 trough 5 are replaced by mines. And as you throw them out they turn into separate detonate mine skills. So you could detonate each mine individually. But we wanted the mine kit to have more synergy with other weapons and other kits as well. So when you switched away from it you lost the ability to detonate the mines. So what the tool belt does for the mind kit is: it puts a skill above your bar that you can use regardless of whether or not you are in the mind kit, that detonates every mine.
    So, the kits really are just alternative weapon sets that are engineer exclusives. I was very worried that they'd be similarly costed (in terms of recharge and energy) as other professions' utility skills, so they'd only be useful in some situations...but as they said, you can run around full time with the grenade or bomb kit and just use that if you want to. Still a tad bit worried about the rather few combinations that they seem to get compared to most other professions, but at the least they should be fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorani View Post
    5. For a game that seems to focus so much on moving around the battlefield, the Engineer seems to encourage standing still or camp around your turrets and grenade/elixir effects.
    Eric says Engineer profession supports both styles of gameplay:

    The Engineer can be played as a bit more of a stationary profession if you want to play him that way.

    But for example the rifle with the Engineer has a lot of things that encourage movement. With the Engineer rifle you have that one ability Jon talked about that knocks an enemy back. You also have an ability, which causes you to leap quickly from one spot to another - and you do AOE damage when you leave the spot and you do AOE damage when you land. It also has a couple of different shots that operate at different ranges. Your basic attack on the rifle is a long range shot and your most damaging attack is more of a close range shot. The rifle Engineer for example is always trying to do this dance where he is getting in close to do his big attack and then trying to pop back out. By either immobilizing his enemy or moving away himself. And so the Engineer has a lot of movement in that way.

    One of the funniest things about the grenade kit is that all the grenades can be thrown on the run. And so you are just throwing all of these AOEs down while you are running around. And so I think the Engineer has a lot of ability to keep moving. If you chose to take a lot of turrets you are probably going to end up being a bit more stationary. But in general I think the Engineer has a lot of things that encourage movement out of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyzim View Post
    Turret is firing constantly in the first part of the video(4 shots compared to 2 from Engineer's rifle). PC Gamer says:
    What video are you talking about? The Rifle Turret Skill video does not HAVE a turret present at he start. The Eng sets it up after laying down a mine and then firing a few times. If you note, her rifle is a higher pitched BOOM than the turret and the turret seems to wait for her to fire at a target and then aquire that target and fire at it (in fact delaying a bit when it has to rotate toward the target). Also, it appears that if the target is already dead, it does not fire (happens at least once in the video).

    Granted, the video could be showing some a turret / rifle based linked skill that is designed to operate like that rather than the normal turret operation...thus why I asked.

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    Nice that they add a class with some humor value, also they've clearly been playing TF2 and HL2 :D

    I'm not gonna play one though, I'll stick to classes that get to hit stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherGrimm View Post
    What video are you talking about?

    From 0:27 to 0:31, count the number of rifle shots and the turret attacks(by sound or by the yellow colour at the mouth of the turret). It is all one scene with no cuts. I see turret attacking once every second.

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    So the engineer becomes the second class so far with a "steal" skill.

    Absorb seems to me a cross between the Thief's steal mechanic and the ranger skill Whirling Defense.

    I guess in both cases, the thief's steal and the engineer's absorb get the random pick of skills, but I think the engineer will have a little bit more edge as far as intuitive game play; actually knowing before hand what he will be stealing, responding to absorb it in time, and decided how to allot the absorb (unless it is automatically tracked back to the "absorbee"). Thief does though, have the ability to add more stolen skills to his arsenal palette and time to plan on how to use them.

    Actually on second thought, it seems more like a 1:1 take on whirling defense. I wonder what all that gun can actually absorb.

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    Suprised... but intrigued... I like the unique setting ANET is creating for guildwars 2, fantasy, but different. I hope to see some more gameplay vids soon

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    it's more like any echo skill of the mesmer.
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