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    Choosing a second profesion

    So, I just started a Dervish and am looking forward to playing it. I want to get good with the primary profession, but I was wondering what a great secondary profession is. What is yours and why do you like it? How well does it work with your primary profession?

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    With the dervish update it can pretty much do stuff as D/Any but I'd say go /W for the Sunspear skill for Warriors and maybe "For Great Justice!" for extra adrenalin.

    I am not too familiar with the new dervish, but I'd say Warrior still is a good secondary.

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    You can change you secondary profession pretty fast in Nightfall, so you your secondary isn't that important. When I created my Derv, I chose Monk, because of the Remove Hex I had early in the game and she would get my first survivor. If you like stacking conditions on your enemies, tray Ranger and add "Apply Poison" to your scythe. An assassin will have shadowsteps that move you in an out of melee range, which is kind of nice. Warrior might be the best if you don't want to invest points in attribute lines, as OhFrustration said before.
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    You can use derv with any class, after the last update you dont need to use any skill from any other class.
    the secondaries i chose depended on the areas i was in, as a necro secondary i used Withering Aura, Plague Touch as elementalist secondary i used Frigid Armor, Conjure Flame, Conjure Frost, Conjure Lightning. as warrior secondary i used For Great Justice!, Wild Blow

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    The most commonly used skills for a general play secondary are all warrior with "For Great Justice!" "Save Yourselves!" and Whirlwind Attack. The brave and skilled use Frenzy.

    Don't use Conjures with their anti-necro synergy and keep Withering Aura on a hero or another player. Reap Impurities is often used when you're enchanted with Withering Aura.

    Dervish have Irresistible Sweep, they don't need Wild Blow. That skill removes your adrenaline for "Save Yourselves!"

    Frigid Armor is dumb. Speed clears sometimes use Death's Charge.
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