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Thread: Thought: Amity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    There's a mesmer skill that stops you from gaining adrenaline, for comparison. I don't think it's used much in PvP.
    Yeah and lets keep it that way.Why not put them to sleep with the whole other opposing party or mobs.

    It could be used as AoE for scrouage healing.
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    Cost: 10e
    Cast: 2s
    Cool: 20s
    Hex Spell. For 8 seconds, target foe cannot attack. This effect ends if the target takes 7...60...90 damage.

    Cost: 10e
    Cast: 1s
    Cool: 15s
    Hex Spell. For 8 seconds, target foe can not attack or use skills that target a foe. Amity ends if target takes 10..80..115 damage.

    There. I fixed it.
    Also, keep in mind that degeneration and lifesteal are not damage.

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    I still don't see any reason to use it. Degen and lifesteal are pretty pointless in and of themselves; why bring (read: waste) an elite to encourage their use?

    Have we tried AoE damage reduction a la Dulled Weapon? Maybe reduced by a percentage? Probably have to split it at that point, but I would chuckle to see an invoke team run up against it in the meantime.
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