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    I'll be getting it, most definitely! As for my char? I'm not sure. I'll probably stick human the first time round, play as one of my (characters) decendants. Not sure what class I'd pick though.

    As for Amazon, they usually put up info on a product that they KNOW will be selling, but their release dates and such are usually guess work until something official is released for everyone. For example, they have had a release date up for SW:TOR for quite a while, and it has changed a few times, but thus far no one has heard anything from Bioware about when it is actually being released. I'd assume it is the same with Guild Wars 2.

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    They just want people to add the game to their wish list or shopping cart, which improves their chances of getting the sale. They know nothing that others don't also know.
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    Haha I still have my GW boxes.

    I would like to get GW2 but at same time I have to be realistic about RL obligations. Knowing myself, I'd throw myself into GW2 for hours and calling in sick just so I can play some more. Like I did in early days of GW :-p

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    I am going to pre-order digital download version of GW 2 as soon as it becomes available and GW 2 release date is announced. Asura is my favourite race and Necromancer my favourite profession but I am not totally sure if I want to play Asura Necromancer. Probably.

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    Probably buying as well^-^

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    I'm currently unsure as to whether I will get it or not. I'll make a decision after I've tried the beta I think. The engineer announcement (along with a few other things - guns, cars in the Charr area) has me concerned that the setting of GW2 is maybe not one that i'll enjoy.

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    I'm picking up GW2 just as soon as we're allowed. I am also going for the collector's edition if one is offered. The only one I don't have is the Prophecies and I wish I had gotten that one also. And I have all the boxes, inserts, etc that came with each box!.
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    Yeah, I'm going pick up GW2 on first day of release. Still, I'm going miss 10+ character slots I have on GW1. I hope there is more character slots with game, and maybe same cost to buy more slots.

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    Depending on the price and bonuses, I may get the collectors edition. I'm definitely getting the game though.

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    I am. Will probably be boring and go for Human Warrior, although if Mesmer becomes available I might take it instead.

    I always regret not sticking to my first character in GW, as I often changed characters to be the flavour of the month, but inevitably ended up back with my first char.

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