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    Little Big Planet.

    Ran a search, we don't have a thread on it, so here it is. Either game, 1 or 2, can be discussed here. Mention your favorite levels, ask for help in level creation, whatever.

    Speaking of that next to last part, have any of you toyed around with creating floating objects that don't float up really quickly and can float up with the weight of a sackboy? I've been working on and off on a level for the past few months (it's not that hard, I just have focus issues) and I've basically come to a dead-end on the level design because I figured out one of the props I wanted to create, I can't figure out how to create.

    I've considered some smoke and mirrors methods of doing it outside of just using a floating prop...But I'd really like to go for the blunt float method rather than have it pulled up by invisible winches or pistons. I also considered a spring mechanism instead, and realized that's better pulled off in LBP2, which I haven't.

    I'd bug the people at the LBP workshop forums about this but their servers are still wonky.

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    Conveniently, Little Big Planet is the ONLY game my brother didn't steal from me!

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    I've got Little Big Planet 1, and to be honest, its more fun playing in coop than in single player. Because with coop you atleast get the satisfaction of seeing the other player die as well. But I didn't think the game was very good. The level design, while original, was pretty unfair and downright frustrating at almost every turn. I often found myself having to redo entire levels because I ran out of tries with one particular fiendish obstacle. Also, the camera work sometimes obscures a difficult jump, or picks an angle that makes jumping a nightmare. Speaking of which, the 3d is a bit dodgy as well. The game allows you to jump into the foreground and background, but it seems a bit random when the game lets you land on a platform. For example, when I hop into the far background, and jump around, I sometimes land on a platform that is in the foreground. Apparently the game decides for me when to switch me back to the foreground, which is very confusing. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with LBP1.

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    Is it bad that I remember practically those exact complaints of yours Rob?

    I've tried local co-op recently, and it's pretty fun. But I was mostly using the other person to get the last few items in those 2x or so areas, which I still haven't completely done. Local multi is a bit easier than online multi considering you can talk to the person right next to you.

    I never had much trouble with the single-player campaign up until the very end where I had Zayren help me out.

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    The Bunker is definitely the hardest level in both games. I don't remember needing to restart a single level in LBP2.

    That spinning metal death wheel is awful. Run too fast, too much momentum and you die, don't run and you can't get far enough to reach the next platform. And that's going through the annoyance to even get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Van Der Sloot View Post
    I agree that the 3D was annoying and that the # of retries is silly. But I thought the level design was excellent. Gradual ramp up, clear challenges, nothing really disturbingly awful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zayren View Post
    The Bunker is definitely the hardest level in both games. I don't remember needing to restart a single level in LBP2.

    That spinning metal death wheel is awful.
    I though it was hilarious. Having to restart was annoying, but the metal death wheel itself? Excellent.

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    I have the GotY of LBP1, but I haven't devoted nearly enough time to it. I ran through the story, and then twiddled around with some friends here and there. The only real troublesome bit i can recall is that crazy wheel. It was a lot of fun, but sometimes my eyes would go unglued, and then the world would start spinning.

    The plat seems to involve lots and lots of begging for ratings. I think that turned me off doing much else with the game, outside goofing around here and there.

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    I enjoyed the Metal Gear levels in the 1st one...because they introduced the ''paint gun'' mechanic... but rapidly got bored of the game afterwards :S

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