Is there any at all? I've tried everything, on heroes, on my own Ele, nothing really works. Problems: ridiculously bad bar compression issues, low overal damage, low cycle rate, long cast times and only a few really useful skills (Mainly Maelstorm and Ward Against Harm). All the Water Hex combinations and interactions with Fire and Air require HUGE slot investments, and with them, you'll devote like two or three skill slots to inflict blind or knockdown, with a bit of slow to go with it. Slow is nearly useless because heroes kite for ****, and enemies mostly die to focus fire in 3 seconds. All of it's relative abilities in crowd control are VASTLY outdone by Earth Magic, and that also brings in a lot of damage as well. Mobs with low armor against cold damage are very, very few, and Water Magic deals such miserable damage that you'll barely manage to reach the same numbers that Earth, Fire and Air pump out, even with 40 Armor difference.
Wat do?