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    I find Water Damage to be actually horrible in PvE. Not against you because level and stat boosts, but it seems almost every critter in the game takes less damage from Cold damage, even more so than other types of elemental damage. Apart from snaring, there's really not a lot of use for Water Magic IMO. Hell, Air Magic is better than Water Magic against Destroyers, since the 25% AP will lower their armor enough to make up for the difference, and those spells are generally more damaging.

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    I usually have my Zhed as water Ele. For the elite, I usually switch between Ward Against Harm and Water Trident. Ward when I'm facing some annoying Fire Ele mobs and Trident against melee mobs. He gets in quite a few KD per fight.

    It works fine, and I enjoy using it, but I'm sure there are many better ways to fill the slot.

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    1.Ward Against Harm, is a great armor boost for when you have a bunch of heroes in a fire damage heavy area.
    2.Blurred Vision, is a very nice way to blind foes, combined with Chilling Winds can last forever on foes.
    3.Vapor Blade, does some nice heavy damage every 7 seconds.

    I usually combine Water and Air skills to get a nice damage combo going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leohan View Post

    3.Vapor Blade, does some nice heavy damage every 7 seconds.

    I usually combine Water and Air skills to get a nice damage combo going.
    I agree with the water and air ele skill combos, but the thing about Vapor blade is that it deals half damage to enchanted enemies. That's about half (or more) of the enemies you'll face.

    I can't seem to recall a high level area (enemies with level 24+) that has a majority of enchantment less enemies .

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    Glyph of Renewal - Churning Earth, yarr.

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    Deep Freeze->AoE->Foes flee slowly->autocritautocritautocrit->done.

    I see no problems here. Bar compression for utility isn't that bad either. One attribute has snares all over (deep freeze being your fun one), anti-melee (blurred), and anti-caster (maelstrom). And now you have five more skills (one elite, no less) to play with as you see fit (although I suppose it's more like three with attune+glowing or hole).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildoholic View Post
    Water in PvE is incredibly useful against the player. Think about how many annoying times an Ice Imp casting Mind Freeze + Maelstrom, or Dragon Moss casting Blurred Vision, or Ice Elementals casting Deep Freeze on you?
    There. The point of Water Magic in PvE is to annoy the player

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    Quote Originally Posted by satenia View Post
    There. The point of Water Magic in PvE is to annoy the player
    Pretty much. Water is sort of like the old PvE mesmer only worse. Shutting down enemies in PvE is never going to be as effective as outright killing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErrantVenture
    Dude, I don't even like doing this stuff for REAL data, why are you doing this for GW?

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    The problem with bringing a water ele is that if you are bringing a water ele, you are not bringing a mesmer, ritualist, necro, assassin, dervish or monk, which means that you are missing out.

    The point of snares being useful for increasing DOT AOE is mute because bringing DOT AOE means bringing an ele in the first place, it could be anoter ele (fire perhaps) but that just makes it twice as bad as bringing just one ele. And in the case of some fire water hybrid, you are taking water to compensate for the fact that you are taking fire, essentially trying to justify bringing an ele in the first place which is bad for the reason stated first.

    If you are playing ele, you arent doing it for the efficiency but because you like playing ele. Theres nothing wrong with that as long as people stop trying to justify eles as being useful.

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