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Poll: Have you experienced racial discrimination?

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    If you'll forego the very worthwhile, and provable, musings of the brother of of the author of 'Heaven and Hell' there are only 13 tribes according to a big book whose influence covers most of the globe.

    And the whole issue of "Eve", in the bargain?

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    At the parties I've been to that the police have come to close, I have noticed that they tend to predominately search black people for drugs, while I, just by having a North-London middle-upper class accent, am rarely stopped or questioned. It's a difficult area to negotiate, however, as I personally do not know the extent to which racial profiling is backed up by real evidence suggesting certain groups are more likely to be carrying drugs...

    Apart from that, I've really noticed it in USA flight security. When I've been there with friends, there is a clear difference in time taken to get through security depending on your ethnicity. A couple of times people have been taken for extra interviews based on no reason I could fathom other than their looks (or foreign passport).

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