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    Devona Aiden Cynn Mhenlo and Eve , what happend to them?

    Does anyone know?

    Currently the GW:P manuscrips state that at one point they enter the Rift ( presumably in search of the HoH) at Drascir while teamed up with other Tyrian heroes ( us? the player? and were is eve?) Source Chapther 6 of the GW:P Manuscript for a read go here http://gwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Lore.Detail&id=6

    Does this mean that our characters actually do not die but enter the HoH with
    Devona Aiden Cynn and Mhenlo?

    Will we get to visit Drascir in the final chaper of GW: byond?
    When does this event take place? We know its atleast afther Gwens Wedding
    since the four above were present at that time.

    Theories , comments , discussion welcome.

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    That peice of lore is part of the lore manuscript that comes inside the Guild Wars Prophecies handbook. So (atleast from my point of view) happened before we the players meet them, and probably before they met up with Eve. The mention of "4 other ascalonians joining them" is probably nothing more than a tool to help us (the player) realiZe that before we came along Mhenlo, and his gang were the heroes that teamed up with barely capable henchmen.

    GW Vault is kind of a dated site. They haven't updated any of their datebases to include anything released after GW Nightfall. So there is no info about GW:EN, or GW: Beyond for that matter. Which is weird seeing as how some of their guides were last updated around mid 2009, which is 2 years after GW:EN's release.

    Not sure if they updated their skill descriptions on that site to aleast keep them current. I really didn't feel like being bothered to check. But I did check the rest of the lore they have posted. All of it is only about Prophecies, and all of them are straight out of the GW user manual ( well they were in mine at least).

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    You end up fighting your last battle in the Halls before lying to rest in the Halls of Heros in other words we ended up in the Mists.

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    I agree with you Demonia that GW vault is dated , and yes this was from the GW:P manual , however it was my understanding that (lorewise) if you won in the HoH then you would join the heroes of the past in the afterlife , also is it possible to enter the HoH if your not ascended? UW and Fow dont allow you entrance.

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    The piece of lore you linked to does not state wether or not they won. Actually at the end it is cleary stated that their battles just begun. Also you don't have to die in the HoH to be ensconced in the HoH. That's kinda the whole point of the HoH. So Mhenlo, his gang of followers, and the 4 unknowns could of done this way before Eve was born. Hell they could of done this way before or characters were born.

    Also I'm guessing this took place way before we come along for 2 reasons. 1. Again it's a piece of lore manuscript we can read before we even play. 2. In the begining paragraph there is nothing about charr attacking them while they raise the Tomb of Drascir. Because as you know (hopefully) the end part of the mission Ruins of Surmia is a part of Drascir.

    Currnetly there is two ways to get to the HoH.
    1. PVP Which doesn't require ascension, or any pve activity at all.
    2. Through the Tombs of the Primeval Kings. Now granted we are ascended when we get to the tombs, but that is a product of our travel. I doubt that it is actually required for various reasons. Unlike the FoW, or the UW tombs is not a realm of a god. Also again unlike Fow, or UW you can take a party full of henchies through the tombs if you wanted to. And on a stupid side note I doubt everybody that went in, and out of there to bury different kings were ascended either.

    So again to answer your questions. This happened before Mhenlo, and the gang met us. Probably before they met up with Eve (not entirely sure). And I have a feeling before the searing since this little piece of lore doesn't mention Drascir being full of charr. We have already been to Drascir, at least a tiny bit of it during the end of the Ruins of Surmia mission. Which is so close to Ascalon city that I doubt it required ascension either. I doubt we will see any more of the city of Drascir during GW:Beyond either because there simply is no point. But the city may be a hub for charr characters in GW2. And may be a charr characters way to enter the HoH in GW2.

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    That story was released with Prophecies so it more than likely predates Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and their short appearing in Beyond. The last two more than likely not even a glimpse in the eye of the Devs. Also note that the absence of Eve implies that it takes place prior to their meeting - which is in Ascalon (then again, other stories lack Eve; she seems to have been an addition to the group post-writing these up).

    Based on their appearance in Beyond - specifically, Gwen's wedding, I'd guess that Devona and co. are serving with the Ebon Vanguard.

    With this, it is implied to me that should/when we return to Ascalon in Beyond, they'll play some part - even if its just a cameo appearance - as it is likely that the Ebon Vanguard will be recalled to Ebonhawke at said time, as that happens in 1080 AE (a year, in numbers, from the War in Kryta/Hearts of the North).
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    I believe that the OP's manuscript entry from the original Prophecies just tells about PVP in the old Tombs of Primeval Kings(HoH). Mind that those guides were made when there was (or so I assume) no idea on doing Factions or any other chapter. HoH was the highest thing you could do back in the day, it was the battleground to earn favor of the gods and trips to Fow and Uw per region (US, Asia, Eu). I think you should not overthink this and just go with the fact that Mhenlo's gang wanted some PVP ;)
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    I agree with choco. There is some lore relating the PvP part of HoH to the rest of the world (just like there is some lore about GvG), and remember, originally the HoH was just PvP. They are just going in to compete for the favor of the gods.

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