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    Capturing Avatar of Grenth

    I'm playing around with a dervish and enjoying it quite a bit, and have reached the point where I'm now hunting for early elite skills, and from what I've seen on the wiki, Avatar of Grenth is a good one to have. Capping Avatar of Balthazar and Avatar of Melandru weren't much trouble, but for some reason the Acolyte of Grenth keeps kicking my behind.

    I've tried it three times now, eliminating the rest of the Kournan military aside from the Acolyte's group, then killing the Acolyte's buddies followed by the Acolyte himself, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the Acolyte himself.

    Anyone have advice for taking this bastard down?

    If relevant, here's my full party/character roster:

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    Regarding builds:
    Live Vicariously
    Heal Other.
    Healing Breeze.
    Divine Boon.
    Dump them. Empty slots are better.

    Melee heroes are poor. Not only that, when it comes to Grenth, a bunch of melee heroes allows the guy to constantly hit multiple targets getting a very nice heal.
    Dump them.
    I'd try to block Grenth so he only attacks you, getting a much lesser heal.

    Jin's build is poor. AI doesn't have problem shooting though walls so she might actually be shooting blanks. Not only that, she's also full of curses, self-heals and poor attack skills - all draining all her energy.
    Dump her.

    If you have spirits unlocked - Signet of Spirits, Bloodsong, Pain, Anguish, Splinter Weapon, Ancestors' Rage, Shadowsong, then you can run that on any caster you wish. I normally put this build on Koss to level him up - so a caster with 4 pips of energy regen will do it even better.
    After you get Oli - using him as a minion master works superbly.
    A smiter also does wonders - but I have no idea how many skills you have unlocked. Strength of Honor is INSANE on a physical, so try to unlock it and fit it on one of your casters.

    Honestly, I'd look into running hench until you unlock more heroes and more skills. The mesmer and earth ele are superb options.
    I also tried bugging you in game, hoping I could help you do the guy, but it seems the name you gave is wrong. If you still need a hand - send me a PM under Smelly Seaman if you see me on and I'll gladly help.
    You are also very much welcome to just drop a line if you want to bounce off ideas for builds.
    (Sorry, no information on your build - dervishes are the only class I don't care for and with the recent skill change I have no idea what half the skills do. >.>)

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    I'm not exactly a skilled player - I have a Cathan ranger with the Factions campaign under her belt, currently stalled at the Ruins of Morah, and a Tyrian mesmer stalled at Ring of Fire. I've been playing other characters instead, as I'm naturally inclined to being an alt-aholic and find the lower-end stuff more fun than the upper-level stuff, which is naturally much harder.

    The heroes I have are the ones I've gotten so far - I finished Consulate Docks early this afternoon, then started Kourna stuff, including looking for good elites to grab early.

    Please bear in mind that, frankly, I'm a newb. I used to be fairly competent at the game, took a break for a year or so, came back to find that I remember very little of the game. I don't have a ton of skills unlocked and am not familiar with good builds or *why* they're good.

    I was not expecting to have trouble this early in the game - I've breezed through the campaign so far, for the most part, including bagging the Acolytes of Melandru and Balthazar for their elites. It appears that I've reached the point where I do need to start upping my game and researching good builds.

    I'm not actually logged in right now, but I will return shortly. I also corrected my dervish's name in the original post.
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    A lot of the damage that acolyte of grenth causes is life stealing, so using skills that counter this on your monks (reversal of fortune, if you have it life sheath, but most importantly: shielding hands) will help you greatly. I absolutely hate monks that use shielding hands when using a derv with AoG or grenth's aura, the screen fills with zeroes. Also, the main scythe attack he uses does a lot of aoe if you have less health than him, so if you can get your health over 500 (600+ is preferable), you'll see a lot less splash damage, especially if you don't use dervish/melee heroes.

    Also, I want to point out that from what I hear dervish heroes do not know which enchants to strip, and will sometimes use enchant stripping skills without having any enchants up at all. Personally, I just stay away from using them atm, at least with enchant strips, which is something they need in order to play well. Your own bar looks ok for starting out, though I do wonder why you aren't using avatar of melandru as you can have an elite skill cap and an elite at the same time. Capping another elite will merely give you two elites until you next zone. Oh, and rending touch isn't going to help you much. He'll probably remove his enchants on his own anyway, and removing them isn't going to be helping you. You can already spam remove your own enchants so it won't help in that regards anyway. So that might be the skill to replace with melandru for now.

    Just remember with your enchants, the acolyte can throw conditions back in your face. Actually, he'll throw them back in the faces of anyone standing near him (1-2 conditions about every 10 seconds). It shouldn't be as much of an issue if you use melandru and don't mob him though.
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    Thank you. I did not know that I could have the signet of capture and an elite at the same time, actually. Also reconfigured Melonni as a ritualist spirit-spammer.

    Thank you for the advice, and I'll take another crack at this after church.

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    Your advice worked great, and the Acolyte of Grenth went down like a chump. Jin worked better as the ritualist support than Melonni, and I was the only melee.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Glad to hear our advice helped. I'm not surprised that Jin worked better than Melonni, if I was paying more attention I would have mentioned that expertise lowers the energy cost of spirits. I believe rangers are the best choice to go /rit in the game. Well ok, necros are good for that too, if lots of things are dying their energy just never runs out.

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    Spirits are fairly cheap and take forever to recast.
    You spend a bit more energy on Splinter/Ancestor's Rage and those aren't affected by Expertise, which is why I'd stick with a caster instead of a ranger.
    Still, as I said, I use spirits to level up Koss, so if he can make it, anyone can.

    Plus, spirits are a superb option to put on the hero you need to take along for some missions in Nightfall.

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    Jin's been working nice as a spirit spammer, though I kept her marksmanship high as well.

    Avatar of Grenth, incidentally, has been a very nice skill and I'm glad y'all helped me to get it. I'd been mainly using Avatar of Balthazar before that, but the life stealing is very nice when I'm the only melee in the party coupled with powerful AoE damage (I stole MOX's scythe - still haven't seen another max scythe yet, and I like the clockwork look).

    Thank y'all again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by upier
    Spirits are fairly cheap and take forever to recast.
    Depends on the spirits I guess, anguish and shadowsong are both 15e. Which expertise knocks down to 5-8 (16 expertise down to 12 expertise). I also don't know what you mean when you say it takes forever to recast. Do you mean casting time or recharge? It sounded like casting time but as everything is 1 second or less, you must mean recharge correct? Well, I believe it's the only profession other than rit that can lower the recharge (serpent's quickness, oath shot). Anyway, not meaning to get into a large debate over this, but I still think ranger is the best /rit with the possible exception of the necro. You can give them a rit staff/rod/off-hand just like any caster btw. That'll help with energy even more. Agreed with the rest of your post though.

    Jin's been working nice as a spirit spammer, though I kept her marksmanship high as well.

    Avatar of Grenth, incidentally, has been a very nice skill and I'm glad y'all helped me to get it. I'd been mainly using Avatar of Balthazar before that, but the life stealing is very nice when I'm the only melee in the party coupled with powerful AoE damage (I stole MOX's scythe - still haven't seen another max scythe yet, and I like the clockwork look).

    Thank y'all again!
    Hmm, marksmanship for the auto-damage? If you want, but you'll probably find she works even better if you put everything into the two rit lines, or split them between the rit lines and expertise as I'd probably do. Anyway, just something for you to think about if you get stuck again.

    Glad to hear you like Avatar of Grenth, it's my favorite avatar too, although my favorite elite atm is onslaught, it's like free blue candy with added adrenaline. That one is much further along in the storyline though. It's after Ruins of Morah in fact. Some skills you may want to look into are grenth's aura for added life stealing, rending aura as cracked armor is awesome against high armored foes (though in normal mode it's not necessarily the best), irresistible sweep for it's stance removal, and eremite's zeal for great e-management. Heart of fury or pious fury should help a lot until you get onslaught or if you don't want to use it.

    The nice thing about the dervish atm is that you can't really go wrong by getting more skills, they're almost all good. Of course, some will act a whole lot better depending on what skills you use with them. Pious renewal (E) works really well as enchant stripping fodder, and wounding strike (E) works really well as an enchant stripper (if only you could use both at the same time).

    Then there are skills that have no requirement except adrenaline which work really well if you're being mobbed, crippling victory + reap impurities being one such example. If you can keep your health higher than the enemies' then you'll do tons of damage and refuel the two skills after each of them. This isn't something you'll be wanting to try just yet btw, but reap impurities is always good in situations where you are stopped due to being overwhelmed with lots of mobs (and you can inflict conditions of course, but what derv can't?).

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