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Thread: Really Sorry!

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    Really Sorry!

    Okay I recently was whipsering a friend about some stuff and usually I can be casually vulgar in language, joking with them and such, but I've been very sure to keep it out of Alliance Chat and Guild Chat. And, of course, I slipped up and said something REALLY embarrassing and cursed like several times afterwords and logged out out of embarrassment.

    So I just wanted to everyone know how sorry I am and how I'll try to never let this happen again. And again this was a mistake, I would never intentionally be an idiodic, cursing bad guildie. It was one of those times when I was talking to the alliance about a bug I'd had with starting up Guild Wars and talking to a friend and I just mixed up the chats. I make it a task to seperate how I act around my friends and how I act around my guildmates, and hope to be continually mature in front of everyone. I'm not always like that I was just in one of those, "screwing around with my friends", kind of moods. So again I feel terrible for this and hope no one was too upset.

    The ingame character I used when I sent those mistakenly was Flemeth The Eternal, if anyone was wondering.

    -Edit: I rarley have time to check these forums so Im sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, my scehdule is finally opening up for the summer so ill be way more active in game and on the forums
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    Hey, don't sweat it! There's a difference between somebody who does it out of pure frustration and/or pure accident (aka, wrong chat ) and somebody who does it out of spite.

    And you don't have to log out when it happens. You'll only need to donate a few 100K in the alliance bank account to make up for it

    (and if you don't mind, I'll move this thread to a more appropriate place, as we do have a forum for the entire alliance!)
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    Donate some apologies with those couple 100k's and it won't be a problem^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanum View Post
    Donate some apologies with those couple 100k's and it won't be a problem^-^
    Sounds like you've got it covered Arcanum

    Seriously though, thanks Lady for posting. I'm sure it went a long way toward assauging anyone who may have been offended.


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