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    Question FACTIONS - Solo Minister?

    hey guys i only have prophecies, factions, and nightfall but i was wondering if there is any builds that are out there to solo minister chos like you used to, with transporting over the walls to lose togo and such. im down to make a whole new char just for that farm cause i used to have so much fun so if you have a build please lemme see, thanks alot guys

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    Farm what and in what mode? Unless I'm missing something, I don't see that mission as being profitable at all.

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    Soloing Minister Cho's Estate sounds like a phantastic idea, right next to soloing Great Northern Wall. I am only quite a bit sad that you are not allowed to solo Chakbek Village, because the game forces you to bring Koss along.

    (Seriously... what? Any assa teleport skill should get you away from Togo at any gate though.)

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    What can you solo during the Minister Cho's mission that isn't there when you enter the explorable from Ran Musu Gardens? There are the same animals, sickened people, and afflicted in the explorable, and there are more of them. The only thing that isn't there is Minister Cho himself, and he doesn't drop anything particularly valuable afaik. By going in from Ran Musu, you don't have to worry about Togo and Yijo, and there is no time limit.

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    Aren't there afflicted if you enter from Ran Musu?

    Anyway, here's an idea for "farming Minister Cho": Instead of rolling new characters to repeat this exiting experience, just repeat the mission by going to the mission outpost and pressing "enter mission".

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    Hmm, never thought about going over the wall to lose togo.... How would you do that?
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    Well, the gates block all assassin teleports, it seems. At least Death's Charge, Death's Retreat and Ebon Escape. That's weird; almost as if the devs anticipated that somebody would want to teleport away from Togo. Probably because they realize how horribly written the dialogues are and because assassins have one or two of these teleport skills right at the start.

    Gateporting (Eredon Terace!) still works though, so all is well.
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    i know you can hop the gate with necro death skills and i used to solo the whole mish with a 55 monk but now the warriors can knock you down with some skill and it always gets me because i dont have eotn :/ and it doesnt seem like too huge of a mission but ive gotten like 15 plat in one run before when i got lucky

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    15 plat? Lucky indeed. What'd you get, two black inks?

    I'm more interested in the average income though... spikes in income can be separated by long droughts.
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    honestly its always pretty good, WAS at least, i havnt done it in idek how long but t was always at least 6-8 plat give or take, i used to get 3-5 golds each run along with other things and it just all added up nicely

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