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    EOTN - My Problem with Cold as Ice.

    Lytha asked me this in another thread.

    The wiki has plenty of suggestions for "Cold As Ice". What's the problem you've got there?
    I have done every suggestion explained on the wiki as well as the threads here.It is when I get tranported to the spot where the Griffon is my heart to start to pound and I get nervous.I feel like I ma going to go into cardiac arrest every time I jump in with that Griffon.It has beaten me over 30+ times on my Warrior and have done it on my Ranger to.

    The explanations make it sound easier then done.I am at Norn R4 not sure if 5 would be better.I would prefer it to be outside not inside SifHalla.

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    I did at probably same or lower norn rank. With ranger I used heavy degen and cripple, and shot with longbow from the little hill on the right. Bringing a pet may help keep it away from you long enough for it to degen to death. Throw Dirt is good idea in case it gets too close, giving you a chance to get away.

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    I agree with the degen suggestion if you're panicking. Spirits require some very modest timing to stay alive, but with degen, just stay as far away as possible and keep running for your life. There is actually a spot on the hill where you can kill him and he can't even hit you if I remember right. They may have updated that so wait for someone else to comment.

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    I would use the Aura of the Lich build. If you move right to the spot where the Griffon will appear and you have a bunch of minions, they will surround him. He will cast Bloodsong and then try to move away a few steps, because AI does not seem willing to cast spirits on top of each other. Bodyblocked, he will then do nothing anymore.

    Hex him with Barbs, and perhaps with Disease, and watch how your minions rip him apart.

    This is by far the most relaxing method, I think.

    I forgot to display my Norn title last time, so the rank in that title shouldn't even matter.

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    The problem is on my Warrior run out of energy fast and with 2 pips doesn't regen fast enough.I even used my radiant set and it still goes down and when my hps are going down my mana is back up in time.I tried the spirit build with the mindclouder.

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    Use a random staff (20 base energy + 10 from the staff (+ 5 from "hale and hearty" + 5 from "insightful") = 30e (+10e) at your disposal).

    You only have to cast AotL (15e), Barbs (10e). Disease (Rotting Flesh (15e)) and other health degen spells are totally optional.

    Or you could use Sewer Artery + Gash instead of the Disease (switch to the weapon after you have cast your spells), or just a bunch of normal attack skills. As I said: when the Griffon is bodyblocked, it should really only summon Bloodsong and then do nothing at all anymore.

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    You mean like this as I have been thinking of using this.I just wished they would let us take down one hero as an option.I just want the skill don't care about the rest.I am getting pretty close to rank 5 on my Warrior.I want this for my Warrior first then Ranger then Monk,Ele or Mes will be after that.

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    I'm pretty sure I've used YMLD to beat the griffon, just that and kiting, and maybe some other extra damage.

    Use the terrain to your advantage to hide from the spirit attacks and you should be okay really. Or at least I always get through it like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Age View Post
    You mean like this
    Yep, like that. The attack skills should be completely optional, as long as they're mostly adrenaline based.

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    The only problem with that though is that i have nothing to practice or test it on except the Master of Spirits and he is Rit Lord as well with heals.

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