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    What are some of the best build got PVE Dervish?

    PVE ftw, clear quest fast :) give me some skill build example pls :)

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    I think you didn't get any responses because 1) it depends on what skills you have available 2) build info can be found scattered around the forums or on pvxwiki, and 3) a lot of people (myself included) are fans of making your own builds.

    That said, in the case you have no idea at all what you're doing: Take any 3 PvE skills you have access to and like. Take a skill that makes you attack faster. Take 2 flash enchants and 2 skills to rip down enchants. That's the jist of most people's dervish builds.

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    Salvation of Tyria [SoT]

    D/W: Vow of Strength[E] + Sand Shards + Aura of Thorns + Aura of Holy Might + Wearying Strike + Pious Assault + Whirlwind Attack + IAS
    or you could go as a spirit spammer quite effectively (use a lot of radiant runes and runes of attunement for your energy pool! also use a Rt wand/Staff for extra energy)
    D/Rt: Signet of Spirits[E] + Vampirism + Pain + Anguish + Painful Bond + Bloodsong + Summon Spirits + optional

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