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    NF - Impossible for me to beat 'defend the citedal' mission

    When the generals come out, it will be impossible for me to control all 4 rifts, plus i am still sunspear armours(sucks) and the vabbi armours just cost way too exp for me as they need like ruby?

    Anyway to tackle this mission?

    I have MOX, Koss, master of whisper, vekk. dunkoro, tahlkora and zehd shadowhood in my team with the nightfall unlock skills purchase..

    Would appreciate any help :)

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    Is your armor the Sunspear armor from the Consulate Docks mission? You should have 70 armor on each piece (assuming you are a derv.) Anything lower and you're going to get seriously manhandled on that mission.

    You mean the Dzagonur Bastion mission or the Grand Court of Sebelkeh?

    For the former, I'd highly recommend ignoring the bonus and going solely for the generals. Let the citadel burn; the invaders likely won't finish destroying it before you've killed all the generals. Leave behind a minion master to slow them down if they go too fast.

    Similar strategy for the Grand Court, leave a minion master and monk in the middle to slow down the bubble things. Clear a rift, then head back and clean up the middle, then go clear another rift, etc.

    Gwen is a little more user friendly than Koss. You might give her a whirl. She does very good damage and can also protect you with her interrupts.

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    Hi Fluffball, i bought my armors from 'crafter' way way back.. Should i go back and do the Consulate docks mission to get those armors? and yes, i am a dervish

    If i let the citadel burn, wont the mission be a failed one?

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    You don't have to do the mission again, if you go to the mission starting point there is an armor crafter there. Max armor is pretty much a requirement, especially for someone like you on the front line getting hit constantly. You take a lot of extra damage when you have lower armor.

    If your armor already says "70" on each piece, you're good to go.

    If the citadel burns totally to the ground, you lose the mission, but since all you need to do is kill the 4 generals, and there are citadel gaurds all over the place, you can usually out race them. Once you kill the fourth general the mission ends and you win.

    Obviously try to keep the cannons up and running until the generals spawn. The typical tactic for doing that is to send all the gaurds to one far side, and you and your team defend the middle and other side cannon.

    If the Kournans wind up destroying too much of the citadel and you lose, try leaving behind a minion master and monk with some of the guards to delay their advance.

    This is one of the harder missions in the game, so don't feel bad if you die.

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    Now i see it! my current armors are only 55 and some are even 40.. Thanks for the great help Fluffball :) Im purchasing the 70 armors now, will update u on the mission later.

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    I realized i dont have enough resource and gold for all the 70 armor set. And i failed the mission again and again..

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    A few tips:
    - Get better armor. It helps. Do some minor quests to work up some money if you don't have enough.
    - If you have at least rank 1 in the Lightbringer title track (100 points), you can get a boost in the Chantry of Secrets. One of the NPC's will give you "Lightbringer" title effect. Selecting the title in your Hero menu after that will give you and heroes +5% damage and 1 damage reduction per rank in Lightbringer against servants of Abaddon. You can also get the skill "Lightbringer's Gaze" and at Rank 3, you can return again for "Lightbringer's Signet".

    On the mission:
    Send all members of the Order of Whispers to one side, easiest to the left (east). defend the center of the area and when the generals appear, be sure to be on top of the Monk boss and kill him fast, then go to the west and take out the warrior and his group. That's the hardest part really.
    After the warrior, go back to the center and take out the Paragon boss and finally, the Ele.
    You CAN lose some of the reinforcements and succeed, you'll even get Masters if you only lose 1, but you should make sure they never break the second defense.

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    This is a tough mission... really...

    Consider doing a few more quests to raise the money for the armor, or even find someone to help you with it.

    Team speed boosts (fallback) can help a lot with getting to and from bosses. If you have EotN, consider getting Pain Inverter to use on bosses.
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    Okay thanks people, i got pass that quest with the help of someone :P
    I would like to ask when will be the time when i need to change armor set again? (e.g assuming i have full 70 armor now).

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    If you have full 70 armor, you don't need to change it again. Anything after that point is just for looks.

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