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    I suggest doing Zaishen dailies and fill out mission books and return them to the NPCs. There is a thread discussing various tips for making money, I have to dig it up.

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    To get your first max armor, you can get that kind of money fairly quick playing the game normally and *not spending it*. The problem is that we`re often tempted to buy all new skills at 1k a pop, which is a significant drain on your money... but consider that you can only equip 8 skills at a time, you don`t need that many skills.

    Do a bunch of quests, a few missions if you can, and you`ll have the money pretty quick. You can accelerate your gains if you do zaishen missions or bounties, but those might be difficult to access when you don`t have much unlocked.
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    Well thats true, but i dont have to buy any skill anymore, i have all the skill i want and need. So thats not a problem, so just quest will give it me very fast?

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    Zaishen quests give you around 1k gold for each quest - however, to do them, you must have actually access to the outposts and explorables and missions.

    I'm a huge fan of this look here:
    That's erm... Sunspear tunic, Istani gloves, Ascalon leggins and Ascalon boots.

    When you buy new armor, keep in mind that you want the max armor rating. That is 60 for a necromancer. You get that in:
    - Droknar's Forge
    - Consulate Docks
    - Kaineng City
    - Boreal Station

    Armor bought anywhere else (like in Lion's Arch, Blacktide Den or Kamadan) is inferior. Don't waste your money on that.

    The expensive armor sets cost 15 times as much, so stay clear of them until you have a lot of money.

    You'll need more money to get some skills for your heroes in a while. Having money is always nice.

    Just pick up all the drops, ID them and sell them.
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    Questing and playing the game will give you much more money than farming at the low stages of game. Farming is also quite boring. Rather just complete campaigns and side quests as you go and fill the storybooks of each campaign. ( http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Storybook )

    After each campaign you should have accumulated at the very least 20k of solid cash and some crafting materials, runes, insignia and weapons. Just don't spend all your income on random stuff and only buy the skills you need. The hero skill trainers will give you skills for free if you have some hero skill points which you accumulate by advancing in the Sunspear, Lightbringer and Eye of the North ranks. To get up with these, play the game, grab bounties and fill books.

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    I am going for this full armor:


    I already bought the leggings, boots and gloves, its going fast with qeusting. Thanks for help

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    Allright, was nice to help. Enjoy! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ploxyy View Post
    Well 6-7k is alot for me, i bought shing jea leggings, and now i dont have money anymore... Some tips to farm for a necromancer? Would be really nice if some one cud give me tips about solofarming with a necromancer, it have to be for noobs because im not that good in this game yet, i only play for 2 weeks now.
    Well, farming isn't really a big deal, just go around killing things and picking up their drops. However I suggest you do missions, they give you good money and experience, which in this case, is extremely valuable. Afterwards, when you start organizing a good build, you can go to the underworld and farm ectos etc....

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    The great advantage of doing missions is that those books (especially Prophecies) will give you a very nice amount of money. Even the NM book will give you more than enough to get you a standard max armour (8K).
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