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    That is a LOT of defense. It's sort of a war of attrition.... slow and steady wins the race, eh?

    I think you'll find Frostmaw's significantly easier than Slaver's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffball View Post
    I think you'll find Frostmaw's significantly easier than Slaver's.

    haha, I hope so, Fluffball, I sincerely hope so!

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    Just don't forget a bunch of hex removal. Wurm bile hurts! (and is gross).

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    Took this thread as an inspiration to finally complete Slavers in HM and therefore complete my dungeon book.

    For everyone else who didn't know about it, I'll mark this specifically:

    Quote Originally Posted by Katarine View Post
    We did the other three (3) parts in Normal Mode & are attempting the final (Duncan Level) in Hard Mode - for the Hard Mode Book.
    (I learned this the hard way after doing the first sub-dungeon in HM )

    So anyways, I brought 3 spirit spammers along with some necros and mesmers and it was pitiful how fast Duncan died to a spirit-army. Did they tone him down somehow? I remember doing this slow and painful a long time ago in NM with corpse + signet, cause I simply couldn't kill him any other way back with 3 heroes + 4 henchmen.

    A well, thanks for the inspiration anyways...

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    It was likely your mesmers making the difference, Duncan's Spirit Rift can wipe the party if he manages to cast it.

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    Before the change to derv skills I was able to solo Duncan as a D/Mo *shakes fist at Anet*. Used to enjoy that, but there are plenty of other ways to take him down anyways.

    SOS is the real difference when talking about spirits ripping Duncan apart, the skill didn't used to drop 3 spirits... Being able to set all those turrets on him is huge.

    The Psychic instability mes probably played a very big role in reaching him, that 1/4 second cast (faster because of fast casting, I guess it's closer to 1/8 of a second cast) knockdown of multiple foes is very effective. Powerblock + Arcane Echo + 1 interrupt for backup will keep Duncan incapable of doing anything (besides reflect damage).

    And while I puke in my mouth a little over discordway, I'm glad you made it through. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katarine View Post
    We finally managed to complete it last Tuesday, thanks to 3x Discord Heroes.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped & took the time to post their thoughts & suggestions in this thread.

    Those that stated Discord, although not fancy, would get us through, were absolutely correct. After so many failures this was our final attempt - & we chose to listen to the voices here & use the Discord team.

    Thank You
    Woot. I'm glad it worked for you!

    The only other dungeon that is really a pain is Vloxen HM, but it is mostly just more Slaver-style dwarves. Frostmaws is pretty straight forward, only big things would maybe be something for the knockdowns (I am unstoppable!) and Wurm bile (Inspired Hex has no cool down on it).

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