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Thread: Holy smokes!

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    Holy smokes!

    Right so I don't know how many of you listen to Guildcast, but they announced a contest about winning a year of ENJIN ULTIMATE (that name sounds like it needs caps). The competition was to explain what is so great about your guild.
    Well long story short I thought why not enter, so wrote in basically explaining XM, and guess what? The hosts liked it (maybe we got bonus points for being in Rubi's alliance) and we now have a year of free ENJIN ULTIMATE! (That's nearly $288 worth of hosty goodness). I've asked how this works in terms of being linked to an account/guild/alliance, so when Shawn gets back to me I'll either make a personal or group account and we can play around with it :D

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    How brilliant is that. Thanks Moony!

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    Awesomeness =D

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    I'm just going to play around with it today, see what it can do :)

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    Good job, Moony and congrats XMites! Be careful, though, managing several forums has been hard in the past.

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    I checked out the homepage for the site: nice!

    So now we have, what? Three or four?

    This forum, Facebook, enjin, Wiki...

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