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Thread: Some questions

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    Some questions

    So I've been dabbling in gvg lately and I have a few questions.

    1. Concerning shield sets:
    Obviously I have sets with armor against all damage types. But what I'm wondering is which one do you use when you are being spiked? I'm talking about the 'balanced spike' we seem to encounter most often when gvg'ing now (axe and hammer frontline, invoke/moi/esurge/pb midline). Which shield set should I use here? Since there's a complex consistence of damage I'm a bit puzzled as to which shield I should use. Blunt/slashing (depending what war is on me) or lightning (with the 10% armor penetration) or cold? Or is there no best option?

    2. Our guild is still trying out different team builds to see which one we like best. One evening we were running crip slash/dual dev hammer frontline and dual ele midline (I know, weird build, but we just came out to this for some strange reason) and we actually did surprisingly well even against guilds with much higher rating then us. But when asking a more experienced gvger what he thought of the build, he suggested us to, if we decide to run trip melee, run with a necro and ranger instead, so we have more pressure. Cause somehow that's what's trip melee is supposed to do.
    Now with our build we were easily able to spike with the cripslash and two eles while having the two kd wars on the monks during spike. Its also pretty split resillient (we splitted of one kd war, moi and then either fuse or rit depending on how much damage they had on split and ***** every sin/ele/mes split we encountered (maybe they were just bad idk :P)). So my question, is necro/ranger really that much better than a dual ele midline? Which has awesome melee shutdown/spiking potential and the caster shutdown comes in the form of hammer warriors)
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    I don't have answers but I'm bumping this for those that do, since I'd like to know as well.

    My guess is slashing damage for the shield though, that has been a consistent source of damage throughout GW history. Some like kedde can give a better answer.

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    No one????

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    1. Physical (slash/blunt) if you are AL60, lightning if you are warrior (haven't done the math, it's just what I would do)

    2. It's usually better for pressure - maybe - but if dual eles fit your tactics better then by all means go ahead.

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