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    Exclamation The Guild Wars 1 - Elementalist - Encyclopedia

    This will be the "sticky to replace all stickies".

    The Mod team is slowly starting to wrap up things in the Guild Wars 1 forums, in order to be prepared, when Guild Wars 2 will enter its "hot phase" of Betas and gets closer to a final release.

    This will probably mean that profession\campaign\PvE\PvP forums will be merged in some way or another.

    As a veteran player or someone who wants to pick up GW 1 to fill his Hall of Monuments, you might have "Ele questions". This thread will - at least that's what I am hoping for - provide answers or guides to solve the problem.


    Attention - This is a work in progress on a Mod level, so this thread is locked down for all other members. if you think I have missed something, or you have a question, please send an PM.
    All about armor

    1. GWO/Incgamer's - Armor picture thread
    2. Official Wiki - Elementalist Armor page (all campaigns)
    3. GWO/Incgamer's - Armor Dye guide (you can now use borrowed armor parts in the dye preview window, too - but this thread provides a good first impression if you can't get your hands on a part)

    All about skills

    1. GWO/Incgamer's - Elite skill list (does not include EotN)
    2. Official Wiki - Elementalist elite skill page (all campaigns)
    3. Official Wiki - All regular Elementalist skills
    4. GWO/Incgamer's - Spellbook/Skill of the Day thread (outdated after so many years, but with interesting discussions of the past)
    5. PvX-Wiki - Current list of Elementalist builds

    All about the ego

    1. GWO/Incgamer's - Elementalist achievements thread
    2. Official Wiki - Appearance of female Elementalists
    3. Official Wiki - Appearance of male Elementalists
    4. Official Wiki - List of Elementalist "green items"
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