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    Next Week is Sylvari Week

    We knew this already but here is a blog post about it:
    Quote Originally Posted by David Campbell
    Gamers in Europe will get a chance to play the sylvari for the first time at gamescom this year. To properly unveil the new look for Guild Wars 2‘s enigmatic, inquisitive plant race, we’re declaring next week Sylvari Week here on the ArenaNet Blog and on GuildWars2.com. We’ve got a lot to show you and so much we want to talk about, so we’re packing Sylvari Week full of plant-y goodness – read on for details!

    Here’s what we’ve got planned next week:

    Monday – Artist extraordinaire Kristen Perry explains how the look of the sylvari has grown and evolved in a blog post full of cool art and character designs.

    Tuesday – Writer Angel McCoy describes how the writing team brings the sylvari to life through dialogue in a blog post that features a load of audio clips from Guild Wars 2.

    Wednesday - Lore & Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee and Kristen Perry discuss the roots and growth of this unique race in a video overview of the sylvari right here on the blog.

    Thursday – We’re updating the sylvari page on GuildWars2.com with new lore, screenshots, wallpapers, and an atmospheric new sylvari video!

    Friday - Ree Soesbee returns with a lore-filled narrative blog post that explores the mysterious sylvari even further.

    As you can see, we’ve got a lot planned for Sylvari Week. We’ll see you back here on Monday!
    [Read the blog post here]

    1. Kristen Perry on Designing and Redesigning the Sylvari
    2. The Sylvari Soul – Angel McCoy on Writing the Sylvari
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    Tarnished Coast

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    I am looking forward to this; the race I am most interested in for GW2.

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    Indeed, I know I keep going on about how my main is going to be a sylvari, but just want to reiterate, I really want to see how they look and act now and hear more about their lore.

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    Memento Vivere, Mystic Spiral

    Will be an interesting week.
    Looking forward to how they ended up looking.

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    My first character will be Sylvari, definitely looking forward to this.

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    Same here..very excited for this one.

    Gotta hand it to Anet .. They took the elf storyline and turned it around 180. Now humans are the experianced old almost extinct race and the Sylvari wake in a new world with sparkly eyes... Love it.

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    While it is unlikely that Sylvari will be my main, I definitely am interested as I am sure I will play one, in fact I have the name reserved in my HoM already.

    Also I found both the Sylvari characters from the two books to intensely interesting and so I look forward to learning more about this unique race.

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    No way Sylvari can beat Charr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zayren View Post
    No way Sylvari can beat Charr.
    I'm thinking Charr don't like salad. :)

    I have to say, this is the first blog session I've gotten excited about in a long time. Very much looking forward to the pictures and vids.

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    Looking forward to this. I had moments where I thought they were the best ever, then moments of doubt... I really want to see what the (almost) final product is. I'm also for the first time looking forward to hearing the chats etc as well.

    Sylvari is current a strong candidate for main, as either engineer or guardian.
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