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    So, pretty much the same as other race weeks were, as expected.

    I am somewhat more interested in this one than the other ones, since the sylvari have fewer basics revealed than the other races, although all the weeks have been interesting so far. Looking forward to it.

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    Yeah, we're not even sure what they'll really look like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djacob View Post
    Yeah, we're not even sure what they'll really look like.
    a hint
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    I found a pic of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimShade View Post
    I found a pic of them!

    That's when an Asura and Sylvari have a baby. :3

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    They are cuter then I expected, considering the asura background...

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    They look sort of odd-ish to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    Looking forward to this. I had moments where I thought they were the best ever, then moments of doubt... I really want to see what the (almost) final product is. I'm also for the first time looking forward to hearing the chats etc as well.

    Sylvari is current a strong candidate for main, as either engineer or guardian.
    Same here! Though I am more thinking along thte lines of Sylvary Mesmer or Ranger.

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    If the pictures they put up with the article are an indication of how the Sylvari will look like now, I expect more of a Art Nouveau kind of look (which I would prefer) than a noble savage one .
    I am anxiously excited about Monday.
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    It's actually the race we know the least about. So far, most other races haven't really conviced me to roll them over a human apart from a few in combination with a certain profession (Norn I barely have an interest in at all and maybe Asura Engi). I really hope Sylvari may change my mind a bit.

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