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    Smile assassin "working" runner build

    i made this build:


    [arcane echo]
    [shadow form]
    [dark escape]
    [shadow of haste]
    [i am unstoppable]
    [Heart of Shadow]
    [Shroud of distress]

    minimum 15 shadow arts, preferably 16

    and would like others to test and say how well it works.
    I have successfully got to granite citadel and droks once.

    first use shroud of distress before running into combat, and renew as much as possible.
    next, use arcane echo and shadow form.
    then use both IMS as much as possible. and when running into knockdown mobs/cripplers use IAU
    If u have a minimum of 15 shadow arts + a 20% longer enchantment weapon (i use totem axe).
    when the recharge of the normal SF hits the bottom left corner, use the arcane echo form of SF. A second later, and the skill will return to AE. If you hit it just right, you can chain the two skills and therefore always be under SF.
    for a quick heal, use heart of shadow when a mob is behind you. this will give you a heal of 150, and move you away from mobs quickly.
    If you screw up, use shadow of haste to lure mobs into a corner or away from where you are trying to go, and then use dash to shadow step back.

    The build seems to work, but its weaknesses are knockdowns, however with dark escapes 50% dmg reduction and always being under SF, you can shadow step away and dash, which will pretty much leave them behind.

    Any feedback or suggestions would make me very greatful!

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    I would say that instead of Arcane Echo you should carry Glyph of Swiftness or Deadly Paradox to lower the recharge of SF. The two-second casting time of AE is not very favorable in my opinion.

    Also, Shadow of Haste will throw you back to where you casted the spell so it's not good at all for running purposes. If you screw up on a run you can side-step out of the problem almost always - plus you have HoS for escaping boxes. Take Drunken Master instead.

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    cant take deadly paradox due to it being a stance, but glyph of swiftness seems to work well.

    Have swapped in glyph of swiftness, and have also swapped in shadow sanctuary for shadow of haste, as it has a decent heal and a very quick cast time.
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    Yes, Deadly Paradox only if you're not going A/E.

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    however, i've almost found that AE is better than glyph of swiftness, due to casting AE before going into combat, you do not have to stop as much, and can cast SF 3 times before you would have to rest.

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