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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    If you leave them and someone from the other team walks by, they can rez them very quick. I think I'd kill them off given the chance.
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    Rangers can also be rezzed by their pets, eles get vapor form (you won't be downed while in this mobile form), and warriors can use vengeance which will also allow them to return to the fight for a while. I'd definitely finish them whenever possible, but as for other classes, there might be times that it's best to leave them down on the ground... unless the skills change a bit. I'm kind of surprised to see that only three(?) classes can leave their downed state, and only one can completely rez themselves, though their pet has to actually finish the rezzing animation for that to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    If you leave them and someone from the other team walks by, they can rez them very quick. I think I'd kill them off given the chance.
    You get a fun dilemma depending on where they are on the map. It takes time to rez and time to get to them to rez. It also keeps them down longer if you don't finish them off. If they are ‘out of the way’ the chances of them getting rez’ed are lower, and even if they do get rez’ed you have taken two of their team out of the fight for that amount of time because one had to get to the other...

    Obviously if they are near a cap point finish them, but I’d start leaving people that are ‘out of the way.’ But it seemed only 5 pts were given for a finish…

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    Yeah but, what's out of the way? Profession is going to play into that decision a lot. Eles and necros are able to "travel" while downed, and a warrior is able to use vengeance for either one final offensive attack, or to rez downed allies quickly. As has been mentioned, rangers can summon their pet for a rez (assuming it's not downed too), so that has me wondering if the guardian, engineer, and thief have some similar downed skill that makes it more worthwhile to just take the guaranteed respawn time and finish them when you have the chance.

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    2nd star to the right

    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    "Confirmed by Izzy - there will be some GW2 Beta Keys for me to give out. But probably not right away. We'll be talking!!!"

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    I hope they have a few to spread among the fan forums too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggles View Post
    Confirmed by Izzy - there will be some GW2 Beta Keys for me to give out. But probably not right away. We'll be talking!!!

    Hellooooo Giggles

    *puts on some Issac Hayes, lights some candles and pops a cork on the campaign*

    Want more nice shoes!!

    'Oh look it's the moneys for you from Grim!

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    My experience.

    It was a nice drive up to Seattle (map-questing makes the one way labyrinth that is Seattle's streets a lot more bearable ); after (and graciously) finding parking I got in line at the beautiful glassy downtown Seattle Convention Center. The line was a bit daunting, but more so was the "pre-line" for those who had not gotten tickets yet (not fun).

    The Guild Wars 2 booth was nice looking (imo) with its contrasting white background, compared to dark colors of booths around.


    After waiting a couple hours in line I played the demo (there were some nice Anet employees that came around to talk during the wait (will get to that later)) I rolled a Necromancer Sylvari choosing one of the night cycle, and dove in. I felt thrown off at first by the new style of game play, but it was easy to get comfortable with in short time.

    Something I immediately noticed, was you could not attack while jumping (something probably not yet in the game); character mobility was overall fun, and I enjoyed dodging with a Necromancer to avoid attacks. I tried opening a lot of screens, but the only ones I found were the Inventory and Character screen, and tried out the different weapon sets. Pretty much kept with raising minions, then changing to do huge poison damage as the enemies were preoccupied. There was one necromancer skill that stood out to me (I would give you exact details, but my "full" camera battery was not as full as it said it was...); the name was along the lines of "Shroud of the Lich" or "Aura of the Lich". This skill turned you into a demonic breathing manifestation (green, black, and glowing; with a hood!) that opened up a whole new skill bar across the board. This seemed to be another "boosted" mode such as with Death Shroud, but you actually could die in this one, rather than with Death Shroud (if you F1'd into it intentionally); the skills for this mode and Death shroud seemed more powerful than the normal skill sets of the varies weapons, and I chose to enter these modes as soon as they were available.

    Playing with the "Lich" mode and Death Shroud reminded me kind of like being in a Wurm from GW1; its like a mini game thing you enter into, did not really seem skillfull (though probably will be when actually getting down and dirty with the game) more than it was "power time". Certainly, I would probably stay away from a Necromancer in these forms during PVP. I received the quest to join in the "little" dragon battle, but declined, wanting to continue exploring instead. I occasional found sporadic groups of other players and joined the fight now and then, but focused more on just wandering around.

    Underwater combat was interesting. It certainly is better than what I have played in other games. The versatility in the axis underwater (movement wise) took a little to get use to, but it was interesting (in a good way). I liked that there was a Necromancer underwater skill that propelled you in a dark cloud before attacking a target, I used this more so (rather than in actual fighting) as a speed boost to skim around.

    I attended PAX with a friend, and he played a Sylvari Ranger. He mentioned that pets still have yet to see some love. Continuing with this side-note, I saw a log and my mind quickly flashed to the Gamescom trailer where the Sylvari one-hand jumps over one; well, I ran full throttle, and couldn't even jump over it (maybe more mobility yet to be released? Or the log was too high, dunno).

    Back to the necromancer, I really like placing down wells and marks. I would get a minion to distract and then set something down to do damage, immediately dodging out of the way as a stray enemy advanced to where the mark was; I also really liked the necromancer skill that puts that cloud of pestilence around you, it was kind of like controlled AoE, as I danced in and out around the enemies.

    Overall, game play for me was different at first, but as I became more comfortable with the controls and flow of how things worked, the game started to feel nostalgic to me (not that it plays like GW1, but I felt, yeah, this feels like Guild Wars). And the map view change between game play is amazing.


    So there was not a whole lot of new information in PAX West (imo) than from Gamescom last week, so I tried some different questions when talking with some of the staff from Anet, enjoy.
    For fun, and a change of pace, with questions concerning the game I also asked more personal questions on what the staff liked themselves about Guild Wars 2. I will be paraphrasing from my scrambled notes what people replied with (it is not word for word).
    The main fun questions I asked everyone were:
    What do you especially like about GW2?
    What race and profession (thus revealed) are you interested in playing?

    Cody Sargent
    Technical Artist

    Cody was awesome (as well as the rest of the staff, they are all awesome! ), and if you ever see him at an Anet gathering be sure to say hi.

    He mentioned that he really enjoys gauging the fan reaction; and to see what exactly fans like and want to play. He made a good point that the Sylvari re-design really made them fit a lot more into their own habitat than their previous state; and continued to comment art-wise how great it was to fill out the water world (i.e., plants, light, etc.).

    I asked if leveling up weapons went fairly quick pace, and he said yes, giving the example of (with the right circumstances) leveling the first tier of a weapon within 10 minutes of game play. He also made the point that how much one involves themselves in the fight, more so determines whether they level up than actually being the one to give the final kill blow.

    He is interested in the Necromancer, Thief, and Sylvari. He likes the Thief because there is not really a cool down, that you can get in and do some big shots, and get out.

    Matt Witter
    Assistance Design

    I talked with Matt about game mechanics and what is possible for GW2 (was general). He is interested in the Thief, Ranger, and Asura.

    Egan Hirvela
    (Did not get what he does, but he is into PVP)

    I asked about WvW, and he commented it would include three servers/worlds (maybe with around a two week time period before re-shuffle). I also asked how skills were to be balanced in GW2, and got the impression that they were pretty evenly balanced for both PvP and PvE (my impression was that they will not be balanced separately as in GW1). I also asked what other game he would compare GW2 PvP with, and the answer was Team Fortress (a vibe I certainly get from it). I got the impression from him that Professions will be pretty evenly balanced in respect to agility, speed (this may not be the case with all professions; each has its strengths/differences), healing, etc. As far as finishing moves, another confirmation that all professions will have their own (the Sylvari are kind of similar to the human finishing move); the Asuran has this double flip head "thing".

    He likes the Charr Warrior.

    I also asked him if the offer was still there if someone reached a survivor-like title only through PvP (question given in panel at PAX East), if Collin would take them to lunch; He chuckled and said he did not know.

    Theo Mguyen
    Content Designer

    He is interested in the Ranger, Guardian, and Sylvari. I talked with him about the personal story line and he said that you can have one quest at a time, but it is not linear in the sense that you can make your own choices in deciding where that storyline will go (what quests you end up not having due to decisions); and that GW2 is really all about the player's choices.

    I also asked him about the aggro system; it is still being worked on; but he did say it would not be totally like GW1.

    Regina Buenaobra

    She is looking forward to the launch of GW2, and has recently been trying out the Charr Guardian.

    Randall L. Price
    Senior Vice President (global business)

    I talked with Randall on what he thought of how well Guild Wars has done and grown since the start; he likes the Charr Thief (playing the antagonist from GW1).

    Gaile Gray
    Support Liaison (She is one cool lady!)

    Gaile is interested in the progression of the Ranger from GW1 into GW2, and is interested in Humans, Sylvari, and Asura.

    Seth Ster
    Q&A Lead (tools and systems)

    I talked with Seth and found it pretty cool that he works with testing the design tools and programs the rest of Anet uses to create Guild Wars 2. He finds problems and fixes them, and is interested in the Engineer, Asura, and Norn.


    Charr plushies do exist in the form of Ritlock; whether they are sold (or the line is expanded for other cool GW swab) to the general public is not yet decided (they are currently given out as prizes).

    I asked about the "stationary" big monsters in the game, and was given the answer that there will be variety.

    There are big places in towns, and Tyria in general for community events and gatherings.


    Some information for you guys. Some type of Elementalist update is coming. The team is interested in working on the Elite skills first, then the secondaries.

    And example of something they were looking at concerning Gust (may be completely different when released):

    5(e) 3/4 (c) 10 (r)
    Elite Enchantment

    For 10 seconds both your and target ally move 33% faster. When you cast this spell, all foes near you and your target take 58 Cold damage. Attacking or moving foes struck by Gust are knocked down.

    They are also looking to revamping (do not know how big this "changing of skills" will be) of the smite monk (monk), Ranger, and Paragons (order randomly given by me).

    I found it interesting that they are reviewing how the mechanic exhaustion works in general across professions.

    Winds of Change has all design finished, and is around 2/3 totally done. A time to get the rest would be somewhere between a month to two months time (but hopefully before the new year). They talked about how it is always difficult to put (i.e. First part of WoC) a prologue type of update when players will not get the whole story until they complete all three parts (other two parts are said to REALLY kick things up).


    Anet has brilliant, talented, and genuinely nice and awesome staff! They are so passionate about GW2, and in making a game that gamers will truly enjoy. I enjoyed talking to all those I did, and wish them the best of luck in their future.

    PAX, overall was loud, flashy, and fun; and a voice stealer .

    DJ Wheat says hi.
    (that is my thumb on the right - edited myself out :p)

    ...and Anet dominated the PvP tourney.

    I will edit this post if I remember stuff, and when I get uploaded what video I was able to get.

    Oh, and Anson Maddocks (artist for MTG; and my favorite one) was there drawing, it was a fun surprise.

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    @MrVrodWPG Nope, sorry. We're not giving out beta keys at PAX. We already told the community that we would not do this at PAX ages ago. ~RB

    Thanks Regina for letting me know! Just passing this on. I was super excited when I saw the djWheat tweet stating that Izzy confirmed beta keys. I didn't want to miss out on a slim chance of getting one so I was watching twitter pretty closely and I asked ArenaNet if they could confirm it. The above is the reply I got.

    As many of you, I would have loved confirmation, but I'm glad to know the truth, and within only an hour of asking. I guess it's back to checking in on the official website hoping to soon see a link for closed beta registration.

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    Some information for you guys. Some type of Elementalist update is coming.

    I was very excited reading that, but then had to think about all the damage tests I made on the Isle of the Nameless with Dom Mesmers @14 & Channeling Rits @14 compared to current Eles with e.g. Air @18....

    I still have hopes for the Ele, as it is the profession of my main, but I still think it will be "too little too late" in comparison to other classes.
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