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    The Dervish Title Track Thread

    This is the Dervish title track thread! :)
    Post your titles, whether they are maxed or not, and share your thoughts about title-hunting :)
    I will post mine on a later occation as I do not have access to GW on this computer.
    Enjoy your Dervishes!

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    I've used my derv as my main for quite some time. He's at 22 maxed, and if I force myself to finish mapping (each campaign is currently around 97% mapped) then it would push him to 26. I don't see myself going past that since I don't do any consumables or pvp titles and hardly bother with chests either.

    I suppose I might do survivor, but the current "survivor" feels really cheap to me, so not sure.

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    My Dervish has only 5 titles maxed. And they're all account wides... She's at 600XP towards a 0-deaths survivor. But she's been around there for a long time... I plan to play her a bit more once I got my beautiful necro boy at 30 titles.
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    Sorry that this took me so long, but I was so close to maxing norn that I thought: "ah, wth, I'll just post the pic when I max it."

    And, yes, that's what I intend to do :P
    So here we are:

    Next one on my list is Legendary Master of the North, most likely followed by either Delver or Elonian Protector... We'll see!

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