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    That Vanquish was fun

    but ending with Darkrime Delves was epic...

    In the time of solo and tedious HoM grinds, we should do more stuffs like that.


    P.S. thanks for your patience with my newbish questions, after all what is pedestrian for you is still quite exciting for me.

    Zahlm Half Pious

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    Yeah it was good fun, shame my bar was totally ineffective at times ^-^. Protting is lovely, but I missed my "big heal" that I should've slapped in somewhere. Spamming Reversal and Life Sheath was all I could do most of the times and it's not exactly a life saver :(.
    If we would go Darkrime again at some point I'd probably go Divert Hexes instead of Life Sheath. Quite a large amount of hexes around, more than conditions (pretty much only outside). So Draw Conditions + Divert Hexes would probably work better:-)

    It was a shame I lost my still-growing-Legendary-Survivor-Experience, ended about 20k above the max, but suicide was needed ^-^

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