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    looking for a quest guide that shows warrior skill giving quests

    I have been blowing through old ascalon near level 10. and i still have about 10 or more quests still not finished.

    is there a guide that shows or tells you where all the skill giving quests are for warriors?

    I mean, i could do every quest i find, but then i would be about level 12 by the time i finish all the quests in old ascalon.

    and i was sure level 10 is when most folks start going to the crystal desert.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Do all the quests! Normal game play would let you be between 9 and 12 when you leave for the next area. By the time you're in the desert (which is a long way off from Ascalon!) you should be close to 20 if not 20 already.
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    Here's a page on wiki that lists all free skills you can get and from which quests. It shows all professions not just warrior.


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    In prophecies, I've always considered the recommended minimum level for an area to be whatever the henchies' level is. Which for the desert, is around 18. I think they're 12 in kryta though, and possibly 9 in the northern shiverpeaks? So you could technically move on now, but it'll be slightly rough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindfray View Post
    i was sure level 10 is when most folks start going to the crystal desert.
    Not to spoil the storyline, but the desert comes much later. You have a lot of other stuff to do first!

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