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    would like advice on Mo/Me smite monk

    So i made a Mo/Me with smite prayers in mind. so far i just got into shiverpeaks with my good friend who is rocking a W/Mo.

    So far my 3 best ranged smites are. Smite, Bane signet, and banish. if i see enemies group up i get close and pop symbol of wrath since its a pbaoe(point blank aoe)

    it seems like it's been a long time without any new useful smites, or maybe i don't understand all the strategy used with a smite build.
    what part of the game do i get the other greatly useful smites and smite signets. or mesmer skills that compliment my smites?

    character is in prophecies now btw and i have all 3 core games with EoTn.
    all advice is greatly apprecated.

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    Unfortunately, smite doesn't really shine until you're able to cap the Ray of Judgment elite. You can either cap that from the bosses listed on that page, or if you can't get to Factions yet, you could purchase a Monk Elite Skill Tome from someone and acquire it that way, provided the skill is unlocked on your account. You can unlock a skill by buying them with 3000 Balthazar faction, or you could buy the pvp unlock pack from the GW Store, I suppose. Especially if you're planning on pvping in the future.

    A good mesmer skill to use in combination with RoJ would be Arcane Echo. This means you then can use two copies of RoJ at the same time. Other good combinations, and one that will be easy to get at a low level, would be Bane Signet and Holy Strike. Get up in melee range and knockdown someone with Bane Signet, then use Holy Strike while they're knocked down to do double damage. And since you have Bane Signet, you should probably get Castigation Signet as well, to give you energy back so you can RoJ more, and then use the Mesmer skill Mantra of Inscriptions to make those two signets recharge faster.

    Without using PvE-only skills, you'd probably wind up with something like:
    Ray of Judgement
    Arcane Echo
    Bane Signet
    Holy Strike
    Castigation Signet
    Mantra of Inscriptions
    Spear of Light -- or maybe replace this with a different skill that has some utility, like Smite Hex.
    Resurrection Signet

    Put all your attributes in smiting and inspiration. It will be... acceptable, I guess. Which is a step up from how smiting used to be, which was "completely inviable". A monk really shines with their healing and protection lines, because their Primary Attribute compliments those by giving you "free" healing any time you cast a spell on your allies. A monk with a good prot/heal build will be able to support a team far more efficiently than any other class using monk skills as a secondary can.
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    My Monk is a smiter just like you, but i do have a hybrid protection/healing for seperate occassions when im not with just my heros.

    My Smiting Build So Far Is:

    Ray of Judgement
    Castigation Signet
    Smite/Spear of Light (Personal Prefernce as to which, i found for me Smite is better overall)
    Bane Signet
    Stonesoul Strike (its a replica of Holy strike)
    Smite Hex/Condition/Reversal of Damage (Depending On The Area Im Going Into)
    Mantra of Inscriptions

    I Change around the smiting skills alot, because of what the area demands, like if im going into a area where i know there will be alot of people around me attacking me at once i would bring Symbol of Wrath/Kirins Wrath.

    As stated Arcane Echo is a very good one to have especially with RoJ. Also if you are using heros in the future and have a monk hero with undyielding aura then i would have Arcane Mimicry so you copy that elite and use that as your rez i found i could use the Aura twice if i was quick enough, before the it reverted back to mimicry. But you can cast it on yourself and have the aura upthere even if the skill has reverted back.

    I hope that made sense.

    Smiters are good and fun when your playing on your own or with a friend/guild that doesnt mind what you are, but later on you find that groups and such for DoA or Missions if you PuG it out etc want a Healing/Protection monk, rather than a smiter.

    But with heros and Merc heros, you could do all of the PvE content on your own anyways now :)

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    Since your friend is a warrior, I'm going to suggest a less glamorous but far more effective route of buffing him (his character I mean, that's not some sort of euphemism.)

    You should already have Strength of Honor, which will pretty much double or more the damage he does when you maintain it on him. You won't see the damage numbers, but you will see enemies melting in front of him.

    There are a ton of hexes in the SS, so keep him clean with Smite Hex, and this one you will see large AoE damage numbers from.

    I'd go with Signet of Judgement as your elite for energy management. Ray of Judgement as mentioned is nice. Shield of Judgement is a possibility, and your only other prophecies smiting elite. It's a little clumsy, but once you get used to when it's appropriate to use, it's pretty decent and acts as a top-notch protection spell. It's really more of a support skill.

    If you're able to venture outside of prophecies, Reversal of Damage and Smite Condition are kickass spells, similar to Smite Hex. Castigation Signet should be picked up in that case as well.

    Prophecies-only build for you might look like this:

    Strength of Honor
    Smite Hex
    Bane Signet
    Signet of Judgement
    4 optionals - Judge's Insight, Holy Wrath, rez, some protection spells like Protective Spirit or Aegis, possibly Glyph of Lesser Energy (ele skill) + Balthazar's Aura. Alternately, use things like Drain Enchantment, Leech Signet or Power Drain from the mesmer Inspiration line.

    Edit: I may have misunderstood where you are. If you're in the Northern Shiverpeaks (Yak's Bend area) they game will very slowly give all characters access to new skills. If you're in the Southern Shiverpeaks, much later in the game, you have access to pretty much all Prohecies Skills. Once you stumble upon Lion's Arch, it's a port city and you are able to travel to other continent or Eye of the North and pick up some new skills quickly. Lion's Arch is not much further than where you are if you're in the Northern Shiverpeaks.
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    You should already have Strength of Honor, which will pretty much double or more the damage he does when you maintain it on him. You won't see the damage numbers, but you will see enemies melting in front of him.
    I'd like to repeat this for emphasis, Strength of honour is one of the best buffs to melee allies you can get, its awesome is above and beond.

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    As far as Smite goes its a bit of a mixed bag.

    The best smite elite is by far Ray of Judgement. It deals armour ignoring AoE damage + burning and has a limited scatter.

    Then the normal smite skills...

    Strength of Honour: Probably the best normal skill in the smite line. Any melee you maintain this on will pump retarded ammounts of damage. It can be energy heavy though...

    Smite Hex: Remove a Hex deal nice AoE damage. Good support skill.
    Smite Condition: Remove a condition deal nice AoE damage. Again a good support skill.

    Smite Hex/Condi are pretty much the staple smite skills. Because yes they are that strong...

    Castigation Signet: The smite energy engine. Again its a staple skill, it deals some damage but the main thing is the energy boost it gives without having to spec out of smite.

    Ok so now the staple skills are all covered there are a few other skills in smite which are not bad.

    Reversal of Damage: Upsides is its Spammable and good support. Downsides is heroes use it to spam out all their energy. Definately a staple smite skill for PvP. I tend to run this in my 4 man setups.

    Judges Intervention: It might stop you from dying and gives some decent damage on activation.

    Judges Insight: Armour pen boost and makes your melee attacks holy. Downside is you cant stack it with orders or barbs one of which you will probably have on another hero. Thus making it useless in many situations. Its a must vs areas with large numbers of undead.

    Most of the other smite skills are terrible or just not worth mentioning...

    I tend to spec for energy manage on my smiters. Normally /Me for a Power Drain and maybe a Drain Enchantment. The divine favour party heals fit pretty well into smite bars also...

    Don't forget to spec some points in Divine Favour for the small extra heals... I normally spec 12+1+1 smite 10+1 Divine Favour and 8 Inspiration. to give you a rough guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyris Requiem View Post
    The best smite elite is by far Ray of Judgement. It deals armour ignoring AoE damage + burning and has a limited scatter.
    Nah. SoJ does it's damage up front, where RoJ does it over time, thus the on-paper superior damage is anything but a given. In the hands of a hero, RoJ often manages to do a whopping 0 damage. Hopefully humans are going to be better with it, but you can't just hit the button on recharge and expect to do anything at all with the skill.

    Recharges are the same, and both can be augmented by mesmer skills.

    Energy, 10 vs 0 (or 35 vs 0 if you want to echo it, which means that you've shot your wad and are done with the battle.) Considering the horrific energy demands of smiting - lets include PvE skills since smiters need them - that's a big deal.

    Both are nuker skills, so the 1 second vs 2 casting time can be important, though fairly minor. Still, I don't have the patience for anything over 1 second casting time.

    There are benefits to both, but SoJ is more practical for everyday use as well as the super-speedy advanced tactics. Only if you can be sure to get the full damage from RoJ is it worth it, and it might be overkill if you do. I'd rather spend the energy on things like SoH, GDW, Smiter's Boon, etc. (In the Smiter's Boon smiter/healer case, I guess you could make an argument for UA being in the picture.)

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    SoJ does 71 damage at 14 smiting. RoJ does 42 damage every second, and 42 damage from burning. Used properly, you'll get at least two hits in before the AI's AoE scatter triggers, and possibly a third as they move out. That's a base potential of 84 damage, with a high of (42x3 ticks = 126 damage) + (burning for 6 seconds = 84) = 210 damage.

    If you want to get really crazy and assume that you manage to hit one foe every tick, either by bodyblocking npcs in, or having them walk through it on time, then you'd get a potential of 42x5 = 210, and 8 seconds of burning = 112 => 322 damage.

    A max of 71 instant damage for free, or a minimum potential of 82 damage over one second with a potential of 322 damage over 5 seconds for 10e, which can be used twice as often due to Arcane Echo? (Which, by the way, does not "blow your wad and make you done with the battle", as energy recharges, or is gained with Castigation Signet.)

    C'mon, they're not even close to equal. If you happen to like the "feel" of SoJ better, than that's fine - however, it's not optimal.
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    You took one aspect of my post, the on-paper better damage of RoJ and ignored the other points.

    In guess in the end, both are crappy elites, so it's whatever fits your play style best. You'll use your other 7 skills to far greater effect. SoJ fits with the meta of 1-hit kills more, RoJ isn't going to hit anything at all if you're running with 5 mesmers.

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    SoJ is better for farming and RoJ is good for everytinh else.That is good smiting build shawn.

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